Integration Users

An integration user performs system events coming from Slack in Salesforce, such as when a channel is created or deleted. All Slack events, except app_home_opened, are system events.

To specify an integration user, you must be assigned the Customize Application and Modify All Data user permissions.

When you install and connect a Slack app to a Salesforce org, an integration user entry for the Slack app is added to the Integration User Setup page in Salesforce setup, but an integration user is not selected for you.

Specifying an integration user enables system events to be performed with the permission of the user. Additionally, it enables you to set up a trace to run debug logs for the integration user.

To specify your integration user:

  1. From Setup, enter Slack in the Quick Find box, and then select System Users Setup.
  2. Select your integration users via the dropdown menu next to your Slack app name.

If you're distributing an Apex SDK for Slack app, we recommend including a permission set for the integration user in the managed package. See User Permissions and Roles. The admin must create and assign the integration user for the app.