Considerations and Limitations

Apex SDK for Slack (Beta) was introduced in Winter '22 and has a number of limitations. These features aren't supported.

  • Admin client access
  • API Only users can't access the Salesforce UI
    • The Slack integration requires access to the UI in order to connect your Salesforce account. As a result, API only users can't connect to Slack.
  • Enterprise installs
  • Events for workflows
  • Events for Real Time Messaging (RTM) API
  • Field-level validation (only validation via input type is supported)
  • Localization (see localization limitations)
  • Private metadata on views
  • Rich text fields (not formatted in Slack)
  • Scope limitations during installation (see scope limitations)
  • System-provided actions or data providers
  • Web API methods (only methods discussed in Apex are supported)
    • chat.unfurl
    • admin.*
    • files.remote.*
    • workflows.*

We welcome your feedback and comments at the Apex SDK for Slack (Beta) Trailblazer Community Group.