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Work with Salesforce Orgs and Users

Most businesses have multiple Salesforce orgs for specific purposes. Similarly, a Slack user can be on multiple workspaces and can have access to multiple Salesforce orgs.

What does interacting with a Slack app look like for a user in a single workspace or multiple workspaces?

An app can be installed in multiple workspaces for multiple users and connect to the same org.

Multiple workspaces connecting to the same org

Multiple apps installed in a workspace for multiple users can also connect to different orgs.

Multiple workspaces connecting to different orgs

Connecting a Slack app installed by multiple users in a workspace to different or multiple orgs isn't supported yet.

You can build multiple Slack apps that all interact with the same managed package in the same namespace. You can have multiple SlackApp records in your package, but they must use unique developer names.