Apex SDK for Slack

Organizations must evolve quickly with our customers' needs. With Slack and Salesforce, you can make everyone's work simpler, more pleasant, and more productive while enabling them with the data and services they need.

Apex SDK for Slack accelerates development by providing you with a collection of tools for effective collaboration and communication. To build a Slack app, you create view definitions in YAML-based files that the SDK translates to rich, interactive user interfaces using Block Kit.

Apex SDK for Slack Overview

Apex SDK for Slack empowers developers by enabling them to create apps that interact with Salesforce data from within Slack via events, shortcuts, and slash commands. Create command logic to respond to interactions in Slack. Respond to requests directly from a handler, such as responding to slash commands with a modal. You can also issue Slack API calls using Apex classes in the Slack namespace.

Additionally, Apex SDK for Slack manages the search and CRUD functionality and metadata interpretation so you can focus on your business logic and app interaction.