Publish Your Slack App

There are several ways to publish your Slack apps. If you are making the app available to multiple orgs, we recommend enabling public distributions with or without the Slack App Directory.

Alternatively, if you are using your app with users within an org only, consider making your app manifest available internally with your users.

Packaging and distribution of Slack Apps will be available only after the pilot phase completes. Users operating under the pilot agreement can't currently package and distribute Slack apps using the Apex SDK.

Public distribution is best suited if your Slack app is GA. Distributing your app in the Slack App Directory lets you boost your app visibility and usage. To go this route, you must submit your app for review to Slack and adhere to Slack's submission guidelines.

Alternatively, you can distribute your apps without using the Slack App Directory. For this scenario, you don't need to submit your app for a review for other workspaces to install it, since you're not publishing to the App Directory.