Get Started with Salesforce Connect Adapter for GraphQL

GraphQL is a standard query language that allows applications to flexibly access required data and provides a modern way to integrate applications. Unlike traditional REST APIs, GraphQL is more efficient because it provides granularity for client apps to specify the fields that they need.

The Salesforce Connect adapter for GraphQL includes special capabilities for Amazon AppSync and provides seamless access to Amazon RDS. Amazon AppSync hosts the GraphQL endpoint to accept and validate GraphQL queries. The GraphQL resolver translates GraphQL operations into SQL statements and executes them against an Amazon RDS-hosted database. You can then create an external data source with the endpoint URL of the AppSync GraphQL API and provide access to AWS data source from Salesforce. AmazonRDS For more information about Salesforce Connect adapter for GraphQL, see Access External Data with the Salesforce Connect Adapter for GraphQL help documentation.