Surface Amazon RDS Data in Salesforce UI

To provide a complete view of recent customer orders for support agents and sellers in Salesforce, make these updates.

  • Create an indirect lookup relationship that links the new external object Order to the standard object Account.
    1. From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter External Objects, and then select External Objects.
    2. Select Order external object.
    3. Next to the customerID field, click Edit, and then click Change Field Type.
    4. Set these fields:
      • Data Type: Indirect Lookup Relationship
      • Related To value: Account
      • Target Field: Customer_ID__c (the custom field you created after loading the sample data)
  • Add the Related List for orders to the page layout for Account.

You can now view the order data stored in Amazon RDS in the context of the customer information stored in Salesforce.