Manage Qualifiers for Salesforce Connect Adapter for GraphQL

When you sync a database table to create a Salesforce external object, a table qualifier is automatically generated. The qualifier constructs an external ID for the external object based on the global id field in the GraphQL schema. You can also configure the external ID based on any of the ID field types in the GraphQL schema.

We recommend that you use the default global id in the GraphQL schema to construct the external ID of an external object.

  • TableQualifier: Specific set of properties used to identify a table.
  • NamedColumnQualifier: Default value for the columnName is NamedColumnQualifier’s column name. If the ColumnQualifier is virtual, columnName isn’t specified.
  • ColumnQualifier
    • virtual: If true, the field doesn't physically exist in the external data source. Default value is false. Virtual fields are defined using the values formula.
    • values: A list of candidate Salesforce formula functions that derive the field value from other fields.
  • ValueDefinition: Contains an array of value qualifiers.
  • ValueQualifier
    • definition: A candidate value defined using Salesforce formula functions. A formula function can be a constant expression, or it can depend on one or more field values.
    • columnOrder: The lexical field order of the derived field value. The lexical order determines the field sort order in SOQL.