Get Started with Subscription Management API

Automate the back-end revenue work needed to support self-service subscriptions. Create scalable and automated processes for selling, invoicing, and recognizing revenue from sales of subscription products.

Subscriptions are a trend that’s here to stay, and for good reason: They provide a steady source of recurring revenue. Instead of wondering whether a customer will buy something tomorrow, you can count on subscription revenue for a stream of incoming cash flow.

But managing subscriptions requires more customer interactions than sales of a one-and-done product. That’s because your company is doing work on a recurring basis on both ends of a sale: providing access to a product, and invoicing and receiving payments.

To build and maintain your customers’ trust, it’s not enough to provide a stellar product. You need to provide a stellar customer experience with accurate orders and invoices, each and every time that you engage with a customer, whether that’s every week or month or year. Manage these interactions well, and you’ve gained a loyal customer base and a reliable source of revenue.

Subscription Management is a headless, API-first (but not API-only) solution. It supports the sale of subscriptions sold for a defined term, evergreen subscription products, and one-time sales.

Subscription Management API powers the back end while you control the look and feel of your front-end customer self-service channel. Admins can easily create and categorize product catalogs, optimize pricing, manage term-defined and evergreen subscriptions in addition to one-time sales, and track customer purchases over time. A Buy Now flow template automates tax, invoicing, and payments.