Search API

Available in: Salesforce Classic
Available with High Velocity Sales, which is available for an extra cost in: Developer, Professional (add-on), Enterprise, and Performance Editions

When your Prospector or Clean contract expires, features, objects, and fields will be removed from your org. To support customers’ needs around compliance and to remain a leader in trust and privacy, Salesforce removed all contact data from the service on February 1, 2021.

For more information, see Prospector and Clean Retirement.

The Search API works with Datacloud objects to search the database for contacts and companies. The search is based on the criteria in the query and returns information for the specified fields.

There is a 24-hour rolling quota on the number of API calls that you can make. Your organization gets 1,000 daily calls for every Prospector license purchased. For example, an organization with 10 prospector licenses has a daily limit of 10,000 Search API calls (1,000 x 10 = 10,000). Call quotas are implemented at the Salesforce organization level.

You can view your API call limits from your organization’s user interface.

  1. From Setup, click Administration > Licenses & Limits.
  2. View API Limits (Daily) under the API section.