Buy New Records with the Purchase API

When your Prospector or Clean contract expires, features, objects, and fields will be removed from your org. To support customers’ needs around compliance and to remain a leader in trust and privacy, Salesforce removed all contact data from the service on February 1, 2021.

For more information, see Prospector and Clean Retirement.

Purchase multiple contacts or companies with a POST request using the contactId or companyId. Purchases must be for either contacts or companies; you can’t have contacts and companies in the same purchase request.

This example shows a request to buy contacts.

Here is the response, a confirmation of the purchase.

You can also use the Purchase API to retrieve detailed information on purchases. Grab the order id, and include it in a GET call.

This example GET call retrieves detailed information on the purchase order with id = 09FD00000000PvCMAU:


Here is the response, which is similar to the original response when the order was made. Purchase API