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Company Order Information

Retrieve detailed order information, including company record details for each purchased record.

Minimum required fields

An orderId is required. The orderId is an alphanumeric string that’s assigned to an order so that it can be tracked.





pageThe URL for the current page is set to this page. If no page is set, the current page is page 1. This parameter is optional.
pageSizeThe number of companies to show on each page. This parameter is optional.

Information about a company order.


Field details for each company in the response. See the table after this list for the properties of companies.


The URL to the current page of the response results.


The URL to the next page of the response results. This value is null if there isn’t a next page.


The URL to the previous page of the response results. This value is null if there isn’t a previous page.


The number of companies that are returned in the response.

Property NameTypeDescription
activeContactsIntegerThe number of active contacts that the company has.
addressConnectApi.AddressA postal address for the company.
annualRevenueDoubleThe amount of money that the company makes in one year.
companyIdStringThe unique numerical identifier for the company.
descriptionStringA brief summary about the company.
dunsNumberStringA randomly generated nine-digit number that’s assigned by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) to identify unique business establishments.
industryStringA description for the area of focus in which the company does business.
isInactiveBooleanWhether the company information is no longer accurate (true) or the company information is up to date (false).
isOwnedBooleanWhether the company has been purchased by you or your organization (true) or not (false).
naicsCodeStringNorth American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes were created to provide details about a business’s service orientation. The code descriptions are focused on what a business does.
naicsDescriptionStringA description of the NAICS classification.
nameStringThe company’s name.
numberOfEmployeesIntegerThe number of employees who are working for the company.
ownershipStringThe type of ownership of the company: Public, Private, Government, or Other.
phoneNumbersConnectApi.PhoneNumberA numerical string that contains a corporate phone number for the company.
sicStringA description of the SIC classification.
sicDescriptionStringA description of the SIC classification.
siteStringThe type of location of the company, such as “Headquarters.”
tickerSymbolStringThe symbol that uniquely identifies companies that are traded on public stock exchanges.
tradeStyleStringA legal name under which a company conducts business.
updatedDateDateThe date when the information was last updated for this company.
websiteStringThe standard URL for the company’s home page.
yearStartedStringThe year when the company was founded.

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