DatacloudDandBCompany SOQL Request and Response

Use a SOQL request to search the database for companies with D&B data.

There is a 24-hour rolling quota on the number of API calls that you can make. Your organization gets 1,000 daily calls for every Prospector license purchased. For example, an organization with 10 prospector licenses has a daily limit of 10,000 Search API calls (1,000 x 10 = 10,000). Call quotas are implemented at the Salesforce organization level.

When no LIMIT is specified, queryMore() returns the entire response in 25-record chunks. You can scroll through the full set of results 25 records at a time.

A LIMIT that’s set from 1 and 100 returns the actual number of records or the number of records equal to the LIMIT value, whichever is fewer. This query returns only the first 75 records from a response that contains more than 1,000 records. A next page is not returned.

Specify a LIMIT greater than or equal to the number of records in the response to scroll through large responses in 100-record chunks. For example, in a response with 1,900 records and a LIMIT that’s set to 2,000, you can scroll through the complete response in chunks of 100 records. You can only scroll through as many records as are specified in the LIMIT. If your LIMIT is less than the number of records in the response, queryMore() processes only the number of records that’s specified in the LIMIT value.

You can also scroll through query results by using LIMIT and OFFSET in your SOQL statement.

  • LIMIT: Specifies the number of results that are displayed per page. A LIMIT of 100 displays 100 records for each page of the results.
  • OFFSET: Specifies at which record the results start to display. An offset of 100 would start displaying results from the one hundred and first (101) record.

Use a LIMIT clause in combination with OFFSET if you need to retrieve subsequent subsets of the same result set. For example, retrieve the first 100 rows of a query using the following:

You could then retrieve the next 100 rows, 101 through 200, using the following query:

Keep incrementing the OFFSET to scroll through all the results.

OFFSET has a limit of 2000. Your query fails with an OFFSET of 2001 or greater.

The maximum LIMIT is 100. A query with a LIMIT greater than 100 defaults to 100

Here is a list of the logical operators that are supported in SOQL queries with the DatacloudDandBCompany object.

This table lists the fields that you can use with specific logical operators to construct your SOQL query.


Here are some tips on how logical operators work with which fields in DatacloudDandBCompany queries.

The Datacloud objects directly query the database cache. The queries are passed directly to Some of the fields and logical operators execute queries differently than standard Salesforce objects do. Query results can differ from expected. The following table provides details about those differences.

  • =

    An exact search on the value entered. It must be enclosed in single quotation marks.

  • IN

    Searches for a nine-digit number assigned by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) to identify unique business establishments.

  • =

    An exact search on the value entered. It must be enclosed in single quotation marks.

  • LIKE

    Does a fuzzy search on the string that was entered. Also searches the Tradestyle1 and URL fields.