A response includes records that match the criteria in your request and identifies differences in matched fields.

The response includes:

errorsError messages related to your request, the matching process, or matched records.
matchEngineName of the match engine used to match data. The match engine is specified in the request.
matchRecordsThis section includes additionalInformation, fieldDiffs, matchConfidence, record.
additionalInformationOther information about the matched record. For example, a matchGrade represents the quality of the data for the D&B fields in the matched record.
fieldDiffsNames of fields where the value for the matched record is different from the value in the request.
matchConfidenceA ranking of how similar the matched record’s data is to the data in your request. Must be equal to or greater than the value of the minMatchConfidence specified in your request.
recordField names and values for the matched record. Includes only fields specified in your request. Matched record data is unique for each matchEngine.
ruleName of the rule used to match records.
sizeTotal number of records that matched a set of criteria identified in the request.
successTrue means the request succeeded; false means the request failed.

Response body