Get Started with High Velocity Sales

To build custom integrations with High Velocity Sales and inspect sales cadences to answer your specific business questions, you need to understand the structure of the objects that make up a sales cadence and how changes to each affect the others.

Available in: Lightning Experience
Available with High Velocity Sales, which is available for an extra cost in: Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions

The High Velocity Sales name is changing to Sales Engagement. The automation features within the product now include customer engagement tracking, chat bots, and sales cadences. The new name captures all the tools to use to automate processes and to engage strategically with leads and customers so that your sales team can focus on selling. Watch for the name change, coming soon.

A sales cadence is a defined series of sales outreach steps, such as phone calls, emails, and LinkedIn messages. Sales managers build sales cadences, and then managers or sales reps add leads and contacts to their sales cadences so that reps are automatically prompted to perform those outreach steps in order and on time.

When a sales manager builds a sales cadence, they’re building a structure that includes several objects. These objects update dynamically while they build the sales cadence, when they activate the sales cadence, when they add targets, when targets complete steps, and when they edit an active sales cadence.