Get Started with Einstein Bots API

To access Einstein Bots APIs over a public network, you must set up an OAuth connected app in the org that authorizes the service calls to Einstein Bots APIs.

To get started, create a connected app in Salesforce and connect an Einstein bot to the app.

A connected app is a framework that allows external services to integrate with Salesforce APIs and services through well-known authorization protocols such as SAML, OAuth, and OIDC. A connected app authenticates and authorizes an inbound external service call. This connection allows the external services to talk to Salesforce APIs over a public network. To learn more about Salesforce Connected Apps, refer to Connected Apps in Salesforce Help.

  1. Create a connected app following Configure Basic Connected App Settings and Enable OAuth Setting for API Integration with these OAuth scopes.
    • Access bot services (chatbot_api): Required. This scope enables access to the Einstein Bots services.
    • Perform requests at any time (refresh_token, offline_access): Required. This scope permits you to get an OAuth access token.
  2. Choose an OAuth Authorization Flow. We recommend the JWT Bearer Flow. To use it, make sure to configure JWT bearer flow settings in the connected app. Username-password flow isn’t supported.
  3. Go to Manage Connected Apps in Setup in your org and set the Permitted Users Policy to Admin-approved users are pre-authorized. This policy setting ensures that all valid scopes are included when the access token is issued.
  4. Retrieve the access token with the auth flow of your choice. You need a valid OAuth access token with proper scopes to access the Einstein Bots API.

Next, connect your bot to the OAuth-enabled connected app.

  1. Create and set up an Einstein Bot using the Einstein Bots setup instructions. Linking your bot to an existing deployment is optional.
  2. In the Connections section of the Update the Bot Overview Page click Add and fill in the fields.
    1. Connection: Select API.
    2. Integration Name: Add a unique name for this bot API and connected app integration, for example, “Einstein Bots Open API”. A maximum of 128 characters is allowed.
    3. Connected App: Select the name of the OAuth-enabled connected app that you created. Add Connection
  3. Keep a copy of the runtime base URL and the ForceConfig endpoint. The runtime base URL is the host URL of the Einstein Bots API endpoint. You need those parameters to begin a session using the API, SDK, or connector framework.

    You can find the runtime base URL only here. You can find the ForceConfig endpoint under Setup | My Domain too.

  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Activate to activate your bot.

You’ve now established the connection between your Einstein Bot and a Salesforce OAuth-enabled connected app.

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