Einstein Bots API Release Notes

The API Release Notes include updates to the Einstein Bots REST API, SDK, and channel connector framework.

To see the latest feature updates, visit Einstein Bots Release Notes.

  • Removed support for sending file attachments.
  • Uses API v5.1.0 and therefore doesn't support sending file attachments.
  • Connect your channels faster with v5.0.0, which is more RESTful and simpler to use.
  • Three new endpoints handle sessions instead of one.
    • Start a new session
    • Continue an existing session
    • End an existing session
  • Bot and chat session IDs are path parameters instead of request body parameters.
  • Supports bot responses with rich file attachments.
  • Includes intents and entities in the API responses.
  • API version 5 is HATEOS-compliant.
  • First publicly available version of the SDK and connector framework.
  • Einstein Bots Java SDK integrates your client with the bot’s REST API v5.0.0 using Java-based tools and libraries.
  • The channel connector framework uses Spring Boot to connect your app to the SDK.
  • A version check makes sure you’re running the latest SDK version. You always need to be running the latest SDK version.
  • First publicly available version of the Einstein Bots API.