Conversation Lists for Android

The conversation list API allows you to structure your user interface around multiple distinct conversations. Using this API, you can access an ordered list of existing conversations and decide how you want to display that information to your users. This behavior is useful when you expect users to have more than one conversation ongoing with agents or bots.

This feature requires version 1.3.0 or later of the Messaging for In-App SDK.

This article applies to the following implementations:


Regardless of whether you're using the UI SDK or the Core SDK, this feature requires that you create your own user interface to display the list of conversations. From there, UI SDK implementations can drop into the built-in user interface provided by the SDK.

To access the list of conversations, use one of the conversations() or conversationsPaged() methods on your CoreClient object to get the list of conversations.

The conversations method that uses the olderThanConversation parameter (as shown above) queries the server to ensure that you have the latest information about the conversation list. The method that uses the sortedByActivity parameter only queries your local cached data for a list of conversations and may not reflect the latest conversation data. Cached data is updated after calling the conversations method that uses the olderThanConversation parameter.

See the reference documentation for CoreClient to learn more.