Customize Icons for Android

You can customize the icons and images used throughout the SDK. To customize an image, add a drawable asset to your project using the associated keyword.

This article applies to the following implementations:


Test any icon changes in light and dark mode.

Action Menuaction menusmi_action_menu
Attach Photo Actionattach photosmi_action_attach_photo
Chevron Downchevron downsmi_chevron_down
Chevron Rightchevron rightsmi_chevron_right
Dismiss Actiondismisssmi_action_dismiss
Gallery Actiongallerysmi_action_gallery
Offline Iconicon offlinesmi_icon_offline
Read Iconicon readsmi_icon_read
Search Actionsearchsmi_action_search
Send Actionsendsmi_action_send
Sending Iconicon sendingsmi_icon_sending
Sent Iconicon sentsmi_icon_sent
Take Photo Actiontake photosmi_action_take_photo
User Avataravatar usersmi_avatar_user