Messaging Object Reference

A list of the key Salesforce objects associated with Messaging.

  • ConversationEntry—A message or an event in the chat history between an agent and a messaging user.
  • MessagingChannel—A communication channel that an end user can use to send a message to an agent. A communication channel can be an SMS number, a Facebook page, or another supported messaging channel.
  • MessagingChannelSkill—A junction object that associates a MessagingChannel with a Skill.
  • MessagingConfiguration—The details for a Messaging configuration.
  • MessagingDeliveryError—A log of triggered outbound failures.
  • MessagingEndUser—A single address, such as a phone number or Facebook page, communicating with a single Messaging channel.
  • MessagingLink—The link between a Messaging Channel and where it's shared.
  • MessagingSession—A session with a messaging user on a Messaging channel.
  • MessagingTemplate—A Messaging template used to send preformatted messages.