Add Support for Custom Objects

Use parameters, parameter mappings, and flows to route custom data to Salesforce objects.

To pass custom parameters in the API:

  1. Set ConversationChannelDefinition.CapabilitiesSupportsCustomChannelParameters to true.

  2. Ask your admin to create custom parameters and parameter mappings to Route Data to Objects in Bring Your Own Channel. When they create the new parameter and mapping, ask them to note the Channel Variable Name.

    Note Channel Variable Name in new parameter

  3. In the Interactions API or routeWork API, use the routingAttribute parameter to pass the key-value pair for the flow variable in the format "routingAttribute" : "key" : "value", where key is the channel variable name in the parameter mapping, and value is the value. In the sample payload, routingAttributes the key is set to input_OrderNumber which is mapped to the input OrderNumber parameter in Salesforce.

    Here is a sample payload for POST /api/v1/interactions.

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