Welcome to the documentation for the Salesforce Optimization API. What is the Salesforce Optimization API? Our API (a grouping of functionalities) that is composed of endpoints which perform a single, specific task like repairing a vehicle route or scheduling a resource to perform service.

We have opened access to the API so you too can create amazing applications and products using our services. Unlike our suite of Salesforce products, the API is Salesforce agnostic and thus has utility in a wide variety of applications, for example:

  • OEM — create or improve functionality for an existing application.
  • SOLUTION IMPLEMENTATION — partners or firms that are building custom applications for a customer.
  • INDEPENDENT SOFTWARE VENDORS — build and sell your software.
  • INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPERS — people or teams are building proofs of concept or testing new ideas.

The API usage pattern is based on industry best practices and is the same experience to which you've become accustomed. As an example, consider routing optimization:

  1. Your code crafts a routing problem out of your data.
  2. Your code submits a routing problem request to the routing endpoint of our Optimization API.
  3. Our systems solve the routing problem and respond (typically within seconds) with a routing solution.
  4. Your code parses the response and does something amazing with it!