Best Resources from Developers @ Dreamforce 2013
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Salesforce Developers @ Dreamforce
2013 was the year that Developers and Platform took center stage at Dreamforce with the launch of the Salesforce1 Platform, so its no surprise that it was also the best Developer Zone yet!
Introducing the Salesforce1 Platform

The Salesforce1 Platform brings together, Heroku, and ExactTarget into one family of cloud services. Built API first, the platform helps deliver apps that connect products, users, and next-generation experiences.

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Want to learn more about the Salesforce1 Platform and get access to resources on platform services such as, Heroku and ExactTarget Fuel?

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New Home for Salesforce Developers

Explore the new developer site for the latest resources & docs on the Salesforce1 Platform.

Developer Library

There’s a brand new library of books, workbook tutorials, and cheat sheets designed to get developers going with Salesforce1,, Heroku, ExactTarget and other platform technologies. Exercise your inner student today with these awesome tutorials.

Events and Announcements
$1,000,000 Hackathon

The Salesforce $1,000,000 Hackathon was an incredible competition of epic proportions. Check out all the stunning apps that were submitted for this challenge. View App Gallery

New Udacity Course

Signup for this interactive online course to learn point-and-click Salesforce1 app development via self-paced videos, tutorials, and interactive quizzes. Register for FREE

Developer Keynotes and Sessions
Developer Keynote: Build Next Generation Apps
Adam Seligman
Andrew Waite
Jesper Joergensen

With more than one million developers worldwide, the Salesforce1 Platform is the world's leading enterprise cloud platform for building mobile and social apps. Hear how any developer can build killer next gen apps with the latest platform innovations.

Salesforce Platform Keynote: Next-Generation Apps, IT, and Devices
Beth Wozniak
John Corrigan
Ken Grady
Mike Rosenbaum

Every decade a shift happens that compels companies to rethink every aspect of their IT strategy. Today, that shift is powered by mobile, social, and open technologies. Hear how you can embrace these technologies to innovate and move faster than your competition. Learn how to build connected apps for the next generation of devices and bring your entire organization closer to your customers, partners, and products.

  • 3D Printing 101
  • A Developer's Guide to Visual Workflow
  • A Hands-On Demonstration for Connecting Products into the Salesforce Platform
  • Adding Chatter to On-Premise Applications
  • Adding Notifications to Your Mobile App With the Universal Notification Service
  • Advanced Developer Certification Preparation: Expert Tips
  • An Interactive Look at New Developer Resources for the Salesforce Platform
  • Apex Code Analysis Using the Tooling API and Canvas
  • Apex Design Patterns
  • Apex Enterprise Patterns: Building Strong Foundations
  • Apex Trigger Debugging: Solving the Hard Problems
  • API Design for Your Packaged App
  • Application Security: Secure Heroku Apps with HP Fortify on Demand
  • Architecting Composite Applications With and Heroku
  • Automate Static Resource Builds With Node.js and Grunt
  • Automate Your Office with & Brivo Labs
  • Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) With Apex on
  • Behind the Code: Building Products with AngularJS, Node.js and Heroku
  • Best Practices for Creating Scalable Apps with Heroku
  • Best Practices for RESTful Web Services
  • Best Practices for Salesforce Data Access
  • Best Practices for Team Development in a Single Org
  • Best Practices for Team Development in a Single Org (Repeat)
  • Box Platform: How Do You Distribute and Monetize Your App?
  • Build Killer Mobile Apps with Skuid
  • Build Killer Pages With Skuid
  • Build Real-time Multi-User Apps With Visualforce, GoInstant, and AngularJS
  • Building a RESTful API on Heroku for Your App
  • Building a Rockstar Salesforce Development Team
  • Building Apps for the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud
  • Building Business Apps: Coding Optional
  • Building Complex Traversing & Branching Apps Using Visual Workflows and Apex
  • Building Efficient Visualforce Pages
  • Building Help and Training to Make Every User an Expert
  • Building Hybrid Mobile Apps for AppExchange
  • Building JavaScript Apps for with EmberJS
  • Building Mobile Apps for Salesforce Using
  • Building Mobile Apps That Deliver Salesforce to Your Employees
  • Building Mobile Apps Using Salesforce Geolocation Features
  • Building Mobile Dashboards With D3 and Google Charts
  • Building Native iOS Apps with the Salesforce Platform
  • Building Real-Time Applications With, Streaming API, and Heroku
  • Building Social Graph Utilities on Heroku for Chatter
  • Building Visualforce Custom Events Handlers
  • Building Your First Native iOS Salesforce App with Rubymotion
  • Building Your Own Development Tools With the Tooling API
  • Case Study: Building a Mobile App for Field Services
  • Chatter Here, Store Anywhere: Integrate Chatter With Legacy Systems
  • Chatter Publisher Actions and Salesforce1
  • Chrome Extensions for Salesforce
  • Cloud Trivia
  • Cloud2Car - and the Internet of Things
  • Cloudify Your Heroku and Development Environments with HP's Web IDE
  • Coding Apex Triggers on Chatter Group Members
  • Coding for Declarative Customizations: How We Do It in IT
  • Coding Techniques That Keep Your Admins Happy
  • Coding With Leap: An Apex Development Framework
  • Compelling User Interfaces with Visualforce and Bootstrap
  • Connected Devices Open Lab
  • Connecting the Internet of Things to Salesforce
  • Continuous Integration in Genentech & Roche Development
  • Create a Hybrid Mobile App With the Salesforce Mobile SDK
  • Create Engaging Apps with Visualforce and Bootstrap
  • Creating a New University
  • Creating Mobile Analytics Using a Cal Poly Capstone Project
  • Creating Multi-Page Data Entry Controllers
  • Custom Analytics Using SOQL Cubed Results
  • Custom Order Process Using Opportunities and Visualforce
  • Customizing the Salesforce Console With the Integration Toolkit
  • Data Design Tips for Developing Robust Apps on
  • APIs in Action ? Bringing Data to Life in Salesforce
  • Debugging JavaScript Applications
  • Design Patterns for Asynchronous Apex
  • Designing Custom REST and SOAP Interfaces on
  • Desktop 3D Printing: What's Next?
  • Develop, monitor, and secure your cloud app with the new DevOPS by Pronq
  • Developer Keynote: Build Next Generation Apps
  • Developing Apex Triggers for Chatter
  • Developing Interactive Tables and Charts in Visualforce
  • Developing Offline Mobile Apps With Salesforce Mobile SDK SmartStore
  • Developing on the Salesforce Platform With Clicks, Not Code
  • Developing Public Websites With Sites
  • Development Strategies for Enterprise Scale From the Platform
  • Dive Deep Into the Canvas Framework
  • Dive into New Technology Announcement - No Code Required!
  • Dive into New Technology Announcement - No Code Required! (Repeat)
  • Drive Customer Success With Connected Products
  • Driving the Internet of Things into the Dreamforce App: The Social Shuttle Bus
  • Dropbox Platform Overview
  • Enhance the Feed With Chatter Topics and Apex Triggers
  • Enterprise and Social Integration Using
  • Enterprise Integration - Solution Patterns From the Field
  • Examples of Using Heroku With to Build Apps
  • Exposing Salesforce REST Services Using Swagger
  • Externalizing Chatter Using Heroku, Angular.js, Node.js and Chatter REST APIs
  • Fifteen Things to Consider Before Your Next Data Migration
  • Five Developer Tips Every Admin Needs To Know
  • Follow the evidence: Troubleshooting Performance Issues
  • Force Farm: Growing Your Talent From Within Your Company
  • Canvas in the Publisher and Chatter Feed
  • Canvas: 2 Case Studies and a Roadmap
  • Careers 2.0
  • Careers: How Do I Get There From Here?
  • Data Modeling: The Advantages of Denormalization
  • Development with BrainEngine
  • Integration Using Web Services With .NET & PHP Apps
  • From Sandbox To Production: An Introduction to Salesforce Release Management
  • Future of Hybrid Apps with HTML5 Web Components and Mobile SDK
  • Geo-fencing, Targeting, and Using Salesforce as a Unified Profile
  • Getting Started With Apex REST Services
  • Getting Started with Streaming API
  • Google Glass: Developing for Wearable Devices
  • Growing's IT Operations With and MakeMobile
  • Hackathons, Where Dreamers Become Doers
  • Hands-On Workshop: Build a Connected Product Solution
  • Hardware Hacking 101: Introducing the Arduino
  • Harness Little Data for Big Results with the Internet of Things
  • HBase
  • Heroku1 - Build Customer Apps on Heroku with Your Salesforce Data
  • High Performance Angular
  • High Reliability DML and Concurrency Design Patterns for Apex
  • How & Why Rodco Built a Private App Store With Salesforce & Heroku
  • How Kenandy Builds Enterprise Apps on the Salesforce Platform
  • How R&D Delivers the Cloud
  • How to Create a Geo-tracking Server for Mobile Devices Using Heroku's Helios
  • How to Create a Social Mobile App Using Heroku and
  • How to Setup Continuous Integration With Git, Jenkins, and
  • How To Transform Your Business With the Internet of Things
  • How to Use Loggly in Apex for Massive Scale Logging
  • How We Built the Private AppExchange App (Apex, Visualforce, RWD)
  • How We Used Heroku to Build Heroku Postgres
  • I Passed the Advanced Developer Certification
  • Implementing Responsive Web Design in Visualforce
  • Improve Home Healthcare Outcomes with & the Internet of Things
  • Improvisational Theatre Techniques Can Improve Your Discovery Skills
  • Integrate Home and Office Automation Systems with
  • Integrate Salesforce with Google Glass Using the Mirror API
  • Integrating & Mining Social Media Data at Scale with DataSift
  • Integrating a Node.js App Using Canvas
  • Integrating Active Directory With Salesforce Using Identity Connect
  • Integrating Back Office Applications and Data With
  • Integrating D3 SVG Graphics with VF Remoting & Javascript
  • Integrating Dropbox with Business Processes
  • Integrating Dropbox with Business Processes (repeat)
  • Integrating Heroku and Using Bulk and REST APIs
  • Integrating Salesforce With BI and Data Warehouses
  • Integrating and Google Apps
  • Integrating With Using Webhook Handlers
  • Internet of Things ? Little Things Will Make a Big Difference
  • Internet of Things ? Little Things Will Make a Big Difference (Repeat)
  • Internet of Things Open Lab
  • Introduction to Apex Triggers
  • Introduction to Building E-Commerce Solutions on Heroku and Salesforce
  • Introduction to APIs
  • Introduction to Developing Android Apps With the Salesforce Mobile SDK
  • Introduction to Developing Websites on the Salesforce Platform
  • Introduction to Enterprise-Release Engineering on the Salesforce Platform
  • Introduction to External Objects and the OData Connector
  • Introduction to
  • Introduction to (Repeat)
  • Introduction to Canvas Apps
  • Introduction to Git for Developers
  • Introduction to Heroku
  • Introduction to Javascript Unit Testing With xUnit.js
  • Introduction to NoSQL Databases on Heroku
  • Introduction to for Developers
  • Introduction to The Flow Factory Design Pattern
  • Introduction to the Heroku Platform API
  • Introduction to the Salesforce Security Model
  • Introduction to Using Javascript Frameworks With Visualforce
  • Introduction to Visualforce
  • iOS Unit Testing Like a Boss
  • IoT: Connect Millions of Devices to the Salesforce Platform
  • It's Good to Build: Developers Drive a New Wave of Tech-Fueled Innovation
  • jQuery Mobile 101
  • Large Data Management Strategies
  • Lean and Mean UX Design and Prototyping for Mobile Apps
  • Lean Development: Design Through Iterative Experiments
  • Making External Web Pages Interact With Visualforce
  • Making Your Apex and Visualforce Reusable
  • Manage Development in Your Org with Salesforce Governance Framework
  • Manage Org Changes Using the Migration Tool and Git
  • Managing a Large Scale Application in AppExchange
  • Managing Your Batch and Scheduled Apex Processes with Relax
  • Manually Managing Metadata for Easier Deployments
  • Meet Devicify: The Fastest On-Ramp to the Internet of Things
  • Meet the Developers
  • Mobile Application Security: How Financial Services Companies Do It
  • Mobile Cage Match: Two Devs Enter, One Leaves
  • Mobile Magic: How to Create Outstanding Enterprise Apps with Salesforce
  • Mobilize Your Visualforce Pages
  • Mobilizing Your Visualforce Application With JQuery and KnockoutJS
  • Monitor Your Car From the Cloud: DIY Telematics and the Internet of Things
  • Moving Sharing to a Parallel Architecture
  • NgForce: A JS Library For Quickly Building Salesforce Apps Using AngularJS
  • OEM ExactTarget With the Embedded Partner Program
  • Only One Cure for the App Boogie Fever
  • Open CTI on with Twilio
  • Open Source at
  • Optimizing Offline Data Synchronization for Mobile Apps
  • Overview of New Technology Announcement
  • Perf Polyjuice Simulator
  • Perfect Your Email Delivery From Salesforce With SendGrid
  • Performance Tuning for Visualforce and Apex
  • Phoenix - A High Performance Open Source SQL Layer over HBase
  • Powering the IoT With Salesforce & ThingWorx
  • Proactive Monitoring for Your Heroku Apps with HP Performance Anywhere
  • Programming the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud
  • Programming the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud (Repeat)
  • Pushing the Boundaries: The Best of Salesforce StackExchange
  • Pushing Visualforce to the Limits, Without Apex
  • Real Time Crowd Analysis with the Raspberry Pi
  • Real-Time Data Feeds Using the Streaming API
  • Real-time SQL Access to Your Data Using Progress Data Direct
  • Reducing Risk With Source Code Management
  • Revving up the Formula Engine
  • Safe OAuth for the Mobile App Developer
  • Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon Judging Finals
  • Salesforce API: Salesforce Console Deep Dive
  • Salesforce Known Issues: The Lifecycle of a Bug
  • Salesforce Release Management - Best Practices and Tools for Deployment
  • Salesforce1: Every Developer is a Mobile Developer
  • Scaling to Millions of Devices and Billions of Events
  • Security Best Practices for Mobile Development
  • Security Best Practices for Mobile Development (Repeat)
  • Shorten Your Development Time with an Extensible Design for Apex
  • Simplifying Salesforce REST in Java Using Annotations
  • Single Sign-On and User Management for Portals and Communities
  • Single Sign-On and User Management With Salesforce Identity
  • Sketching Your Way To Better Product Design
  • Software Is Eating the World, But Data Is Digesting It
  • Sphero, Artoo, Cylon.js & Fun with Everyday Robotics (Lab)
  • Streamline Selenium Testing with Page Flow Navigation
  • Supercharge Your Salesforce Console
  • Teach the World To Code
  • Test Automation With Cucumber JVM, Selenium, and Mocha
  • Tests and Testability: Apex Structure and Strategy
  • The Apex Ten Commandments
  • The Need for Speed: Building Reports That Fly
  • The Office of Things, the Connected Workplace of the Future
  • The Visual Delta Force: Dynamic Visualforce Components
  • These Apps Won at Hack City
  • Ticket to Ride: Offline Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • Tooling Around with the Tooling API
  • Tools and Techniques for Improving Mobile App Performance
  • Tools to Debug and Test Mobile Web Applications
  • Transform Mobile CRM with Xamarin and Salesforce
  • Under the Hood of Sandbox Templates
  • Understanding Multitenancy and the Architecture of the Salesforce Platform
  • Understanding Native, Hybrid, and Web Mobile Architectures
  • Up and Running with the ARM mbed
  • Using Advanced Features of Heroku Postgres
  • Using Custom Settings in Formulas, Workflows, and Approvals
  • Using Custom Settings in Triggers/Classes for Deployment Code-Path Control
  • Using Heroku Postgres to Manage Your Salesforce Data
  • Using Marionette and Backbone.js on the Platform
  • Using Python on Heroku and Canvas to Enhance
  • Visualforce Custom Design Patterns
  • Web UI Performance for Mobile and Desktop: Optimizing for the GPU
  • Welcome to the Connected Device Lab
  • Women in Technology Table Talk: Becoming a Powerful Communicator
  • Women in Technology Table Talk: Dev-Curious? Coding Talk for Non-Coders
  • Women in Technology Table Talk: Next Steps as a Developer
  • Zen and the Art of API Maintenance
  • zPaper:Mobile - Blurring the Lines Between Native, Hybrid, and HTLML5 Apps