Best Resources from Developers @ Dreamforce 2014
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Salesforce Developers @ Dreamforce

The 2014 Developer Zone was an inspirational environment for learning. While nothing beats the live experience, we’ve collected the best content here for you to watch or share with your colleagues.

Salesforce1 Lightning
Salesforce1 Lightning

We’re in an increasingly multi-device world, so Salesforce has created Lightning to make it easy to build responsive applications for any screen. Lightning includes a number of exciting tools for developers, such as Lightning App Builder, Lightning Components and more.

Technical Resources

Get access to technical resources that will help you get started building and deploying Lightning Applications and Components.

Events and Announcements

All new way to learn how to use the Salesforce1 Platform and earn badges at the same time.

Start Learning
Heroku CX

Learn how to build customer experiences on Heroku with Salesforce Services.

Get Resources
Internet of Things

The Internet of Things at the Developer Zone was bigger than many standalone IoT conferences.

Learn More
Developer Library

There’s a brand new library of books, workbook tutorials, and cheat sheets designed to get developers going with Salesforce1,, Heroku, ExactTarget and other platform technologies. Exercise your inner student today with these awesome tutorials.

Developer Keynotes and Sessions
Salesforce1 Platform Keynote: Build Apps Fast. Build Business Faster
Jennifer McClinton
Michael Meadows
Mike Rosenbaum
Toby Lester

Speed and innovation are today’s currency for IT departments as the onslaught of disruptive technologies open up new opportunities. Join Mike Rosenbaum, Salesforce Platform EVP, and leading CIOs and CTOs to hear how you can transform IT to innovate and leapfrog your competition. Learn how to build engaging customer-facing apps and connect them to your business process. Then see how easy it is for anyone to build mobile apps for employees to work faster from anywhere.

The Salesforce Developer Keynote
Adam Seligman
Morten Bagai
Samantha Ready
Shawna Wolverton

Mobile and connected apps are here. The best apps are updated and released weekly, not monthly. The need to iterate fast requires new ways for developers to work and collaborate, as well as new tools and frameworks for them to use. Join Adam Seligman, VP of Developer Relations, and the rest of the Salesforce developer community as we show you how to create and iterate on apps on the Salesforce1 Platform faster than ever before.

  • A Deep Dive into Debugging Applications on the Salesforce1 Platform
  • A Developer's Guide To Building Great Salesforce Consoles
  • A Developer's Guide to Heroku Connect
  • Accelerating Your Technology Career
  • Actions: A Unified API For Admins and Developers
  • Add Big Data Analytics to Your Salesforce App Using Heroku
  • Add Connected Car Spice to Salesforce with Carvoyant
  • Add Real-Time Support to Any App
  • Adding Push Notification to Salesforce Mobile Apps
  • Admins Who Build: Embrace Your Inner Developer
  • Admins Who Code: How to Begin Coding in Salesforce
  • Admins Who Code: Panel Session
  • Advanced Apex Enterprise Patterns
  • Advanced Development using Apex Design Patterns
  • African Interest & Networking Meetup
  • An Introduction to Journey Builder Development
  • Analytics Cloud Use Case: Audit Analytics
  • Analytics Cloud: Gathering Data from Multiple Sources for Insights
  • Apex Algorithms: Tips and Tricks
  • Apex Design Patterns and the Internet of Things
  • Apex Enterprise Patterns: Building Strong Foundations
  • Apex Flex Queue: Batch Apex Liberated
  • Apex Lifecycle Handler: Controlling Canvas Context
  • Apex: No Limits
  • Apps at Scale: How Applications on Heroku Can Handle 1M+ Daily Page Views
  • Architecting Engagement Apps
  • Ask the Experts: Advanced Developer Certification
  • Asynchronous Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • Automated Testing for Salesforce1 Mobile Apps Using the Appium Framework
  • Automating Deployment Between Orgs Using Git & Continuous Integration
  • Batch It and Forget It: Automated Batch Apex Limit Monitoring
  • Becoming a Powerful Communicator
  • Best Practices for Search User Experience and Implementation
  • Branding and Styling Your Salesforce Community
  • Build a Complete IoT Solution with ThingWorx + Salesforce
  • Build Apps that Span Heroku and Salesforce Using Heroku Connect
  • Build Apps with Salesforce1 Reports and Dashboards API
  • Build Consumer-Facing Apps with Heroku Connect
  • Build Killer Apps In Lightning Components With Skuid
  • Build Your Own Platform on
  • Build Your Own Salesforce IDE in 30 minutes
  • Build, Deploy, and Scale Internet of Connected Products Apps
  • Building a Forms Service for Salesforce on Heroku
  • Building a Messaging Framework on the Salesforce1 Platform
  • Building Applications Using the Salesforce Toolkit for .NET
  • Building Beautiful Apps With the Salesforce Mobile SDK
  • Building Callouts Without WSDL2Apex and Apex Parsers
  • Building Cloud Clients with Visual Studio
  • Building Command-line Tools with the Tooling API
  • Building Customer Engagement Apps with, Heroku, AngularJS, and Ionic
  • Building Dynamic and Customizable Visualforce Pages Using Field Sets
  • Building Employee-facing Apps at
  • Building End-To-End Lightning Apps
  • Building Machine Learning Systems with Apex
  • Building Personalized Experiences with the Nymi Wearable Identity Platform
  • Building Responsive Web Pages on the Salesforce1 Platform
  • Building Rich Salesforce1 Mobile Applications with Ionic and AngularJS
  • Building Salesforce1 Mobile Apps with Angular and Node
  • Building Secure Mobile Apps
  • Building Visualforce Pages with AngularJS and JavaScript Remote Objects
  • Building your own IoT Platform on Heroku
  • Career Journey: From Developer to Executive
  • Career Strategies for Developers Transitioning to Salesforce
  • Case Study: Migrating Westfield APIs to Heroku
  • Catch Bugs Early with Apex Diagnostic Code
  • Chaining Approval Processes with Apex Code
  • Cinnamon: The Next-generation Integration Testing Tool for Salesforce
  • Clicks or Code: When to Use Configuration or Custom Development
  • Clicks vs Code: Deciding How to Build
  • CODE2040: Untapped Talent and Inclusive Growth
  • Coding Tips for Combining Communities and ExactTarget
  • Communicating with Developers: Bridging the Gap Between Button Click and Code
  • Connect Intel Edison to Salesforce In 60 Lines Of JavaScript Using Cylon.js
  • Connected Apps: Canvas on the Salesforce1 Platform
  • Connected Devices Without Limits: Any Language, Any Toolchain, Updates on Demand
  • Continuous Integration for the Enterprise with Trialforce Feature Orgs
  • Continuous Integration of JS and Apex Code Using Jasmine, Phantom, and
  • Control Your World Using the Salesforce1 Platform (IoT)
  • Create Rich Mobile Apps Using Salesforce1 and iBeacon
  • Creating and Managing Vibrant Developer Community Groups
  • Creating Dynamic Visualizations with Event Log Files
  • Creating Innovative Interfaces Using the Console Integration Toolkit
  • Creating Scalable Ruby Apps on Heroku
  • Creating Scaleable Java/JVM Apps On Heroku
  • Creating Scaleable Node.js Apps On Heroku
  • Creating Smart and Connected Applications using Intel Hardware
  • Creating Voice-Controlled Apps for Mobile Devices
  • Creating Your First Application for Windows 8.1
  • Creating Your Own Custom Community User Registration
  • Cross-org Data Sharing or "How I Learned to Love the Hub and Spoke"
  • Custom Settings: The Essential Tool in Your Apex Utility Belt
  • Customizing User Authentication with Login Flows
  • Data Driven Apps with Apache Pig
  • Data Management Using Pipelines with Hadoop
  • Data Modeling Best Practices in
  • APIs in Action
  • Declarative Developers Deliver Apps Faster with the Salesforce1 Platform
  • Demopalooza 1
  • Demopalooza 2
  • Demopalooza 3
  • Demopalooza 4
  • Deploying Single Sign-On and Identity for Employees, Customers, and Partners
  • Deploying Single Sign-on and Provisioning for Active Directory
  • Designing Custom REST and SOAP Interfaces on
  • Designing for the Salesforce Platform - A UX Workshop
  • Desk APIs: Creatively Support Your Customers
  • Dev Team Moves from On-Premise .Net Development to Salesforce1 Cloud
  • Developer Community Kickoff
  • Developing Apps on Microsoft Windows
  • Developing High Performance Web Apps
  • Developing HTML5 Applications in Visualforce
  • Developing Offline Mobile Apps with Salesforce Mobile SDK SmartStore
  • Developing Salesforce Console Apps with Visualforce & the Integration Toolkit
  • Disrupting Database Architectures with Salesforce and Heroku
  • Do-It-Yourself Access Checks with Custom Permissions
  • Document Creation in Javascript
  • Drive Powerful Customer Interactions with Heroku Connect
  • Drive Salesforce User Productivity with the Pebble SmartWatch
  • Easy Integration for IBM Connections Activities and Salesforce1
  • Efficient Apex Unit Testing and Bug Fixing Using MavensMate
  • Enhanced Deployment via Visual Hierarchical Comparison of Salesforce Orgs
  • Estella's Brilliant Bus: Closing the Digital Divide
  • Everything You Really Wanted to Know About Building a Salesforce1 Mobile App
  • ExactTarget 101: Everything You Need to Know in 40 Minutes or Less
  • Extend S1 App With Clerisoft's Dynamic Lightning Components
  • Extending Salesforce Wear with Google Glass & the IoT
  • Faster App Development with Heroku Add-ons
  • Faster SOQL? Yes, Please
  • Five Developer Tips Every Admin Needs To Know
  • Canvas - Admin-approved, User-approved, and Personal Apps Unlocked
  • From Admin to Developer: Learning to Code on
  • FYFOF: Find Your Feet On
  • Geo-oriented Sensor Analytics with 2lemetry and
  • Geolocation Fields in SOQL and Formulas: Tips & Tricks
  • Getting started with ExactTarget Fuel
  • Getting Started with ExactTarget Fuel APIs
  • Getting Started with the Toolkit for .NET
  • Girly Geeks: Chapter Update and Information Session
  • Global Mobile: How Salesforce is Bridging the Gap in Emerging Markets
  • Go Be Fabulous: Strategies for Gaining Influence at Work
  • Going Under the Hood of Lightning Components - An ISV Perspective
  • Grow Developers. Grow Diversity.
  • Hackbright: Moving Mindsets on Gender Diversity
  • Hands on with Agile Accelerator
  • Hands-on with the Myo Armband - Control Digital Technologies with your Muscles!
  • Hands-on Workshop: Coding on for Admins and Non-Developers
  • Hands-on Workshop: Intermediate Development with Heroku and
  • Hands-on Workshop: Introduction to Development on for Developers
  • Hands-on Workshop: Introduction to Point-And-Click App Building on
  • Heroku Postgres: SQL Database-as-a-Service
  • How Salesforce Builds Lightning Components
  • How Salesforce Does Agile
  • How R&D Delivers The Cloud
  • How to Create an Internet-connected Conference Badge with Electric Imp
  • How We Designed & Built Salesforce 1
  • Impact Hub Oakland: Radically Inclusive By Design
  • Implementing Single Sign-On in Mobile Applications with Salesforce Identity
  • In Spanish: Intro to Building the Salesforce1 Mobile App
  • Incorporating into Mature Application Lifecycle Processes
  • Instantly Online: A Hands-On Lab with Connected Products and
  • Integrate your Salesforce Apps with DocuSign to Keep Business Processes Digital
  • Integrating Clouds & Humans with the Salesforce Wear Developer Packs
  • Integrating IOT Tools Like Fitbit To Salesforce
  • Integrating Salesforce with Window Desktop Apps Using Canvas & Node.js
  • Integrating Third-party APIs Using APEX RESTful Callouts
  • Interactive Apex Debugging
  • Internet of Snacks: Cloud-connected Commercial Vending
  • Intro to Salesforce1 Mobile App Development with Visualforce
  • Introducing MavensMate Salesforce IDE for the Text Editor
  • Introducing VF Fiddle
  • Introduction to Apex Triggers
  • Introduction to D3.js
  • Introduction to APIs
  • Introduction to
  • Introduction to Canvas Apps
  • Introduction to Heroku
  • Introduction To Lightning Components
  • Introduction to Lightning Extensions
  • Introduction to the Salesforce1 Platform
  • Introduction to the Salesforce1 Reporting API
  • Introduction to Visualforce
  • IoT Device to Cloud: Connecting mbed to Salesforce
  • IoT Quick Start: The Fast, Free Way to Get Started with Device Cloud by Etherios
  • IoT System Design with Salesforce and Micrium
  • Javascript: Clearing the Foggy Areas
  • jQuery Tips for the Visualforce Developer
  • Keep Your Code & Metadata Under Control with Git Version Control
  • LatinoForce Meetup
  • Learn Your Own Way: Create Your Personal Salesforce Learning Toolkit
  • Lightning Components: The Future
  • Live Coding an Implementation of Call to Case
  • Location-aware Mobile Apps with Chatter & iBeacon
  • Made With Code: Inspiring Girls to Explore Coding
  • Magical External Objects: Seamless Integration is Here
  • Making the Internet of Things Real for Business
  • Making the Jump: How We Integrated Existing Apps into Salesforce1 Mobile App
  • Managing Application Security in the Mobile First Era
  • Managing Metadata in the Browser with the Tooling API, Web Workers, and JSZip
  • Managing Subscription and Payments with Salesforce and Intel (Security included)
  • Managing Your App Portfolio With Heroku Organizations
  • Master Your Metadata: Best Practices for Versioning, CI and Deployments
  • Meet the Developers
  • Mobile 2nd?! Salesforce1-ify Your Existing Apps
  • Multi-Device Design & Development
  • Multi-Org Collaboration Architecture Solutions
  • Navigating The Virtual Reality Revolution Using Oculus Rift
  • ngRemote: RemoteObjects and AngularJS Joining Forces
  • Open Source Projects on Heroku
  • OpenID Connect and Single Sign-On for Beginners
  • Optimizing Your Salesforce App for Smart Glasses
  • People Over Pixels: Meaningful UX
  • PHP on Heroku: Deploying and Scaling Apps in the Cloud
  • Power of Batch Jobs in Salesforce: Monitoring & Design Considerations
  • Protect Your Data Against Malicious Scripts
  • Publishing Your First Paid App on AppExchange: The Inside Scoop
  • Qeyno Labs: Mentoring the Next Generation of Developers
  • Rapid Mobile Development with Salesforce1, Ionic, and Bootstrap-SF1
  • Rapid Prototyping Chatter with a PHP/Hack Canvas App on Heroku
  • React to Customers' Indoor Behavior with iBeacons
  • Real-Time Web Machines
  • Realtime Communication in the Browser Using Twilio and WebRTC
  • Realtime Mobile Dashboards with Salesforce, Knockout.js, and Streaming API
  • Realtime Tracking with the Streaming API
  • Reinvent Your UI with Skuid: No Code, No Kidding
  • Replicating One Billion Records with Minimal API Usage
  • Responsive Design with Visualforce and Twitter Bootstrap
  • REST API: Do More in the Feed with Action Links
  • Salary Negotiations, Knowing Your Worth and Not Settling for Less
  • Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon Round 2 Judging
  • Salesforce Analytics Cloud: Inside the Wave Platform
  • Salesforce API's & Java for Complex Data Loading Challenges
  • Salesforce Certification: A Developer Journey
  • Salesforce CSI: Uncover What Was Previously Built
  • Salesforce Employee Resource Groups Showcase (1)
  • Salesforce Employee Resource Groups Showcase (2)
  • Salesforce IRC: A Lighter Way to Get Real-Time Help
  • Salesforce Metadata API in Practice
  • Salesforce Multitenant Architecture: How We Do the Magic We Do
  • Salesforce Python SDK for SOAP/REST API
  • Salesforce Women in Tech Presents Connected Devices
  • Salesforce Women in Tech: Meetup
  • Salesforce Women in Tech: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome
  • Salesforce1 Events App on AngularJS in Two Weeks
  • Samsung Development: Today, Tomorrow & Together
  • Seamless Authentication with Canvas
  • Seamlessly Integrate Lightning Components In S1 Mobile App
  • Secure Coding: External App Integration
  • Secure Coding: Field-level Security, CRUD, and Sharing
  • Secure Coding: SSL, SOAP, and REST
  • Secure Coding: Storing Secrets in Your Salesforce Instance
  • Security Boundaries in Apex
  • Services and the Cambrian Explosion in Tech
  • Social Single Sign-On with OpenID Connect
  • SOQL Query Performance Tips and Tricks
  • Speed Up Your Development and Go Localhost
  • Speeding Up Your Apps with the Chatter REST API
  • Surface Your Existing Canvas App in the Salesforce1 Mobile App
  • Surfacing Lightning Components in App Builder
  • Taking Apex and Visualforce Above and Beyond
  • Team Development on
  • Tech Talks 101: Topic Generation
  • Tech Talks 201: Talk Development
  • Tech Talks 301: Stage Presence
  • Tech Talks: Lottery Talks (1)
  • Techniques and Tools to Improve the Salesforce Development Cycle
  • The 10 Rules Of RobotOps
  • The Apex 10 Commandments
  • The Power of Study Groups
  • The Salesforce Lego Machine Cloud
  • Thinking in Components: Building Powerful UIs in React.js
  • Three Trigger-ready Flows that You Can Build Today
  • Triggers for Admins: A Five-step Framework for Creating Triggers
  • Under the Hood of Using AngularJS to Build the Next-Gen Agent Console
  • Understanding and Getting The Most Out of Salesforce StackExchange
  • Understanding Native, Hybrid, and Web Mobile Architectures
  • Unleash the Power of Chatter in Apex: Getting Started with the ConnectAPI
  • Usability Testing: Develop Your Salesforce Success
  • Using CLI to Quickly Build, Control, & Automate Salesforce Apps
  • Using the Google SOAP API
  • Using the Tooling API to Generate Apex SOAP Web Service Clients
  • Visualizing Language Usage with the Twitter Data Science Team
  • Visualizing Your Business Data... in Minecraft!
  • What's In a Name? Understanding "The Developer" Is Really, Really Good For You
  • Why Button Click Developers are the New MacGyvers
  • Why HTTP Won't Work For The Internet of Things
  • Women in Tech: Innovation, Change Management, & Adoption