Best Resources from Developers @ Dreamforce 2015
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Salesforce Developers @ Dreamforce

From the fun and inspiring Developer Zone Quest, to the hundreds of sessions, to the forested backdrop, cabin and giant wooden bear - the 2015 Developer Zone was a land of wonder and adventure!

Want to re-live the experience? Check out the many resources and highlights below.

Introducing App Cloud
Introducing App Cloud

Salesforce App Cloud is the fastest way to deliver apps that are secure, reliable and scalable. With App Cloud you get the flexibility and control to build, scale and manage all of your apps on a single, unified platform.

Technical Resources
Lightning Experience
Lightning Experience

Built on the Salesforce platform, the new Lightning Experience combines the new Lightning Design System, Lightning App Builder and Lightning Components to enable anyone to quickly and easily create modern enterprise apps.

Technical Resources
Trailhead Library

Learn how to build and deploy applications on the Salesforce App Cloud using with books, workbook tutorials, and Cheat Sheets. Our updated library even features an all-new guide for using the Lightning Experience. Get the books


If you’re new to Salesforce or just want to dig deeper you can learn everything you need to know with Trailhead, a fun, interactive and free way to master Salesforce. There are different trails for Salesforce users, admins, and developers of all levels, so you can choose the trail that’s right for you.

Start Blazing Trails
Salesforce Shield

With Salesforce Shield you can audit field changes, encrypt and archive your data and monitor events in your org.

Watch the Platform Encryption Webinar
Heroku Enterprise

Heroku Enterprise adds collaboration, control features, and enterprise grade support to the powerful and agile Heroku experience that developers know and love.

Learn more about Heroku & Heroku Enterprise
Internet of Things

The Internet of Things "Connected Cabin" was a highlight of DF15 and featured a dozen of the hottest IoT leaders and the new Salesforce IoT Cloud

Building Multi-Sensory Apps that Connect IoT to Business Processes

Getting Started with the Electric Imp Salesforce Library
Developer Keynotes and Sessions
Salesforce Developer Keynote
Adam Seligman
James L. Ward
Morten Bagai
Samantha Ready

We are living in a new world where apps drive how we experience home, work, and even what we wear. Everything is now connected, creating data at an incredible rate. As a developer, how do you make sense of all this data? How do you build apps that leverage it at precisely the right time, combine it with incredible user experience, and use the development tools and frameworks you love? Join Adam Seligman, SVP Developer Relations, and the rest of the Salesforce developer community, in this year's Developer Keynote to learn how.

  • 10 Principles of Apex Testing
  • 5 Essentials for Simplifiied Release Management and Continuous Delivery
  • A Literal 360-Degree View of Your Data with Google Cardboard
  • A Pocket Guide to Process Builder, Flows, and Triggers
  • Accelerating IoT with ARM
  • Accelerating Product Development for the Internet of Things
  • Advanced Flow Techniques with Apex and Visualforce
  • Advanced Lightning Components
  • Advanced Uses of Salesforce's Login Flows
  • All Aboard the Lightning Components Action Service
  • All You Have to Do Is Ask
  • Amazon Alexa for Salesforce
  • Amplifying the Wave: Analytics Tips and Tricks
  • Amplifying the Wave: Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Wave Analytics
  • An Identity Crisis at the Center of Every IoT Product
  • Analytics 2.0: Focus on Insights, Not Infrastructure, w/ Heroku & Treasure Data
  • Angular-ifying Your Visualforce Pages
  • Apex Connector for Lightning Connect: Make Anything a Salesforce Object
  • Apex Enterprise Patterns: Building Strong Foundations
  • Apex Liberation: The Evolution of FlexQueues
  • Apex Nuances: Transitioning to Development
  • Apex Team Development w/VSOnline & Git
  • Apex Testing Best Practices
  • App Cloud and The Internet of Things
  • Architecting Highly Scalable ECommerce Apps using FullStack JS: Macy's Story
  • Architecting Packages with Lightning Components
  • Ask the Experts: Advanced Developer Certification
  • Awaken the force in any developer
  • Batch Jobs: Beyond the Basics
  • Being Agile: Delivering Value to your Customers
  • Best Practices for Building Salesforce Apps that Leverage the REST API
  • Best Practices for Salesforce Data Replication
  • Best Practices for Successful Deployment
  • Beyond Custom Metadata Types
  • Blurring the Boundaries Between Salesforce Orgs
  • Bonding Your Private Network to Salesforce Clouds
  • Brand Your Community Using Less and Gulp
  • Bringing the Power of Big Data Computation to Salesforce
  • Build a Connected App in 10 Minutes or Less With Lightning + Data Gateway
  • Build a Lightning Reporting App with the Salesforce Analytics API
  • Build Better Data-Driven Insights
  • Build Consumer Apps Using Mobile SDK and Ionic Framework
  • Build Great Triggers Quickly with STP (the Simple Trigger Pattern)
  • Build Reliable Asynchronous Code with Queueable Apex
  • Build System Performance Data Analytics Using Wave
  • Build Your Own Help and Training to Make Every User an Expert
  • Build, Deploy, and Scale Great Customer Apps Quickly and Easily
  • Building a Concierge-like Experience into any Mobile Application
  • Building a Lightning App with Angular Material Design
  • Building and Contributing to a Living Design System
  • Building Better Mobile Apps with Twitter Fabric and Salesforce
  • Building Canvas Apps with ASP.NET and Azure
  • Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Powered By Salesforce
  • Building Dynamic UI with Visual Workflow Runtime API
  • Building High-Performance Applications in React
  • Building Lightning Components
  • Building Real-time Dashboards with Salesforce Streaming API
  • Building Salesforce1 Communities Apps with React Native and Flux
  • Building Salesforce1 Mobile Apps with the Polymer Framework
  • Building Salesforce1 Mobile Extensions on iOS with Swift
  • Building towards a Composite API Framework in Salesforce
  • Building WebRTC-Driven Support Communities with Twilio
  • Building Your Dev Cred
  • Building Your own Internet of Things with the LittleBits Salesforce Connector
  • Bulkify Your Org
  • Business Interfaces using Virtual Objects, Visual-Force Forms and JavaScript
  • Choreographed Animations with Salesforce's New Lightning Design System
  • Cisco DevIoE - An IDE to Build IoT Solutions at Ease
  • Clicks, Code, and Collaboration: Salesforce Development the Atlassian Way
  • Cloud Platform for Developers: A Heroku Feature Tour
  • Code2040: The Future of Tech
  • Combine Both Clicks and Code to Build Customizable Mobile Apps
  • Composability, Adaptability, and Disposability: RedMonk on Microservices
  • Configuration in Disguise
  • Connect to Salesforce Using Azure API Apps
  • Connect Your App to Every Salesforce Cloud and Enterprise App with Informatica
  • Continuous Integration and Testing with Branch Orgs
  • Create a Custom Styled UI to Match Your Company's Look & Feel
  • Create a Global View of the Account Using Apex
  • Create a Physical Dashboard with the Salesforce Analytics API
  • Create Lightning with Lightning & IoT
  • Creating a Connected Foosball Table with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Salesforce
  • Creating a Salesforce Community: Code vs Configuration
  • Creating Your Own Custom Org Chart in Salesforce1
  • CSS Best Practices and the Lightning Design System
  • CSUMB & Salesforce: Changing the Pipeline
  • Cultivating A Healthy Development Team
  • Customizing Salesforce User Interfaces with Lightning Components
  • Cutting Edge Mobile Development in the App Cloud
  • D3.js in Salesforce: Making Data Concise and Beautiful with the Data-Driven DOM
  • Data Democracy: Use Lightning Connect & Heroku to Visualize any Data, Anywhere
  • Data Mashup Without Code? Yes!
  • Data Pipelines: Big Data Meets Salesforce
  • Deep Dive into OAuth for Connected Apps
  • Defensive Apex Programming
  • Deliver Mobile Apps for Customers and Employees Using Salesforce Mobile SDK
  • Delivering Artificial Intelligence with Salesforce APIs
  • Delivering Better Patient Outcomes with Salesforce1
  • Dependency Injection with Apex
  • Designing for the Internet of Things: The Technology Behind the Hype
  • Developing Mobile Apps on the Salesforce Platform
  • Driving Customer Service Through the Service Cloud Console APIs
  • DUPE Impact Hub Oakland: The Importance of Community
  • Durable Streaming and Enterprise Messaging
  • Dynamic Apex Binding
  • Easy REST Integrations with Lightning Components and Salesforce1
  • Enhanced Web Service Testing: A Better Mock Structure
  • Enhancing Your Workflow with Environment Hub
  • Enterprise API New Features and Roadmap
  • Explore Data Distributions Using D3.js
  • Exploring SQL Server Azure Database Relationships Using Lightning Connect
  • Exposing the Tooling API as a Mountable Filesystem
  • Extending Office with Salesforce Apps and Data
  • Extending Your Applications to the Edge with CDNs
  • Fast Track Your IoT Development
  • Five Enterprise Development Best Practices That EVERY Salesforce Org Can Use
  • Five Rules for Rolling Out Source Code Management for Large Teams
  • From Monolith to Microservices: New Application Composition and Delivery Models
  • Generically Call External Classes from Managed Packages
  • Get Gigawatt Productivity from Lightning Right Now with Skuid
  • Get Hooked on Webhooks: RESTful Integration with a World Wide Web of Services
  • Getting Started: Salesforce Lightning Design System
  • Girl Develop It: Unlocking Tech Potential in Women
  • Git into the Flow, with the Ultimate Continuous Delivery Workflow on Heroku
  • Go Code Colorado: Inspiring Innovation & Opening Data
  • Going Paperless with DocuSign in Your Next Heroku App
  • Guide to Building a High-Impact Mentoring Program
  • Hack the Hood: Empowering Youth with Tech Bootcamps
  • Hacking the Tech Workforce
  • Hacking Unconscious Bias: Diversity on Purpose
  • Heroku Private Spaces: New Features for High Security, Connected Apps
  • How EA Games & Nurun used Node.js on Heroku to reach 350,000 fans during E3 2015
  • How I Used Heroku, a Networked Humidifier & to Survive a NYC Winter
  • How Intuit Implented Lightning Connect with Progress DataDirect
  • How Salesforce is Driving Global Social Innovation
  • How to Add Intelligence to Your Product Design
  • How to Develop and Deploy Fog Apps - Cisco Fog Data Services Case Study
  • HTML5 Tricks and Tips for Enterprise Applications
  • Implementing the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile SDK
  • Integrating Active Directory with Salesforce
  • Integrating High-Velocity External Data in Your Salesforce Application
  • Integration at Scale: Enterprise Patterns with Heroku Connect
  • Integrations with the Platform Using Custom Apex REST Services
  • Intro to Cloud9: Salesforce Web-Based IDE
  • Intro to Docker: Why It Matters and How To Use It to Build Apps
  • Introducing the Salesforce Lightning Design System
  • Introducing the Welkin Suite IDE for Salesforce
  • Introduction To Apex Asynchronous Callout Framework, aka, Continuation
  • Introduction to Apex Triggers
  • Introduction to APIs
  • Introduction to ECMAScript 6, the Next Version of JavaScript
  • Introduction to
  • Introduction to Canvas Apps
  • Introduction To Lightning Components
  • Introduction to React.js
  • Introduction to Visualforce
  • Introduction to WebRTC on the Platform
  • Invocable Actions with Lightning Process Builder
  • IoT: Enable Your Org with Devicify CPM
  • JavaScript for Salesforce Developers
  • Javascript-heavy Salesforce Applications
  • jsForce in Action
  • Just-In-Time Sharing Using Apex
  • Leveraging JavaScript Promises and the Bulk API
  • Lightning Components - Advanced Features
  • Lightning Components: The Future
  • Lightning Connect Custom Adapters: Connecting Anything with Salesforce
  • Lightning Connect: Lessons Learned
  • Lightning Data Service: Eliminate Your Need to Load Records Through Controllers
  • Lightning Out: Components for the Rest of the World
  • Loading Data into the Analytics Cloud with Apex
  • Location-Aware Salesforce1 Development with Beacons
  • Look Ma, No Apex: Mobile Apps with RemoteObject and Mobile SDK
  • Machine Learning in the Cloud: Building a Better Forecast with H20 & Salesforce
  • Making of Trailhead
  • Making Salesforce Faster
  • Making Visualforce RemoteAction Bulletproof with TypeScript
  • Manage Your Agile Development from Salesforce
  • Mass Report Generation Using REST APIs
  • Maximizing the Stack: Combining Salesforce Technologies to Create Power Apps
  • Meet the Developers
  • Meet The Welkin Suite IDE: Product Overview
  • Microservice-Based Architecture in the App Cloud
  • Minimal Fuss Data Transformation Using Google Apps Scripts
  • Mobile Builds using Continuous Integration
  • Mobile Meets IoT: Engagement for an Open Economy
  • Modern Architectures: Architect War Stories
  • Modern Architectures: Building a Sustainable Roadmap
  • Modern Architectures: Governance that Works
  • Multi-Sensory Applications: Your CRUDy Software Needs a New Brain
  • Open Source Development of Managed Packages
  • Optimizing SOQL for Mobile Applications
  • Org Merge Best Practices
  • Pain-free Source Control for Administrators and Developers
  • Platform Cache
  • Platform Encryption: Enhanced Native Encryption in the App Cloud
  • Practical Machine Learning with Prediction APIs
  • Pro Bono Volunteering with Salesforce Nonprofit Customers
  • Processing Big Data At-Scale in the App Cloud
  • Prospect Finder in Salesforce Mobile
  • Provide Power to Your Admins with Invocable Methods
  • Quality Control in Development
  • Quickly Build a Native Mobile App for Your Community Using Salesforce Mobile SDK
  • Quickly Create Data Sets for the Analytics Cloud
  • Read/write Oracle, Sharepoint and SQL Data in Salesforce Without Writing Code
  • Real-time Salesforce1 Dashboards with Raspberry-pi & Heroku
  • Real-World IoT Customer Transformation Success Stories: Connected Products
  • Rethinking the Software Engineering Journey
  • Revolutionizing Customer Support With the IoT
  • Salesforce Data Models for Pros: Simplifying The Complexities
  • Salesforce Deployment: From Production Hacker to Agile Guru
  • Salesforce Design System for Native Apps
  • Salesforce Identity: Don't Treat Your Customers Like Your Employees
  • Salesforce Open Source for Fun & Everyones Profit
  • Salesforce Team Development with VSOnline & Git
  • Salesforce Virtual Reality : Immersive Data Visualization
  • Salesforce1 Meets the Avengers: Marvel API Integration
  • Scripted Data Loads with Salesforce DataLoader and ANT
  • Secure Connectivity to your Salesforce Applications
  • Secure Salesforce: Code Scanning with Checkmarx
  • Secure Salesforce: Common Secure Coding Mistakes
  • Secure Salesforce: CRUD / FLS / Sharing
  • Secure Salesforce: External App Integrations
  • Secure Salesforce: External Integration Security with Chimera
  • Secure Salesforce: Hardened Apps with the Mobile SDK
  • Secure Salesforce: Heroku Best Practices
  • Secure Salesforce: Lightning Components Best Practices
  • Secure Salesforce: Org Access Controls
  • Secure Salesforce: Secret Storage in Your Salesforce Instance
  • Securing Your Salesforce Deployment with Two Factor Authentication
  • See Androids Fighting: Connect Salesforce with Your Android Wear Watch
  • Setting up Security in Your Salesforce Instance
  • Single Sign-On and User Provisioning with Salesforce Identity
  • Smart Apps (Salesforce+R+Wave)
  • Solving Complex Data Display Issues with Dynamic VisualForce Components
  • Solving Cross-Organizational Workflow with DocuSign
  • Spark: jsFiddle Meets Salesforce Lightning
  • Speed of Lightning
  • Spice up Your Internal Portal with Visualforce and Twitter Bootstrap
  • SSO - Using Salesforce as your IAM
  • Stop Changing the Trigger Criteria! Using Processes, Flows, and Apex Together
  • Super-Search Salesforce Data with Elasticsearch
  • Taking Flow to the Next Level with Just Enough Code
  • Taking your Enterprise Data to the Cloud with Lightning Connect
  • Test for Success: 5 Steps to Usability Testing Success
  • The Apex Interactive Debugger
  • The Changing Face of Digital Integration
  • The Future of Science and Tech
  • The Modern Salesforce Development Workflow with Visual Studio Code
  • The Power of Salesforce with the Brains of IBM Watson
  • The Unconscious Mind and Inclusive Decision Making
  • The Wear, Why, and How of Wearables on Salesforce
  • Tour of Heroku + Salesforce Integration Methods
  • Trailhead Gladiators
  • Trailhead: The Fun, Free Way to Learn Salesforce
  • Turbo-charge Your Skuid Page with Apex
  • Two-Way Integration with Writable External Objects
  • UI/UX Design with AngularJS and Material Design
  • Understanding Complex Data Trends in Salesforce1 Objects Using Heroku
  • Understanding Native, Hybrid, and Web Mobile Architectures
  • Understanding the Salesforce Architecture: How We Do the Magic We Do
  • Unit Testing: Not Just for Apex
  • Unite Customer-Facing Apps with a Salesforce Backend: Heroku Connect in Practice
  • Unlock the Value of your Salesforce Data at Scale with Heroku Connect
  • Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Salesforce Live Agent
  • Use Custom Metadata Types for Easy ALM & Compliance for Your Custom Apps
  • Use the Reporting API to Supercharge Your Data
  • Using Design System in Lightning Components
  • Using Oculus Rift and Virtual Reality to Visualize Data on Salesforce
  • Using the D3 JavaScript Library to Create Modular Visualizations
  • Utilize Heroku to Push Google Analytics Data into Analytics Cloud
  • UX and Design: Top Tips for Salesforce Apps on Mobile and Wearables
  • Virtual Reality / Real Data: Immersive 3D Visualization and Salesforce
  • Visualize Your Data with Salesforce Analytics API and D3
  • Wave Analytics: Developing Predictive Business Intelligence Apps
  • Write Bulletproof Trigger Code
  • Writing Code to Work Against any Salesforce Object