Hackathon Details

Hackathon Details

Build the most awesome mobile app using the power of Salesforce Platform. Create it from scratch and blow our minds away! You can begin coding right away, but note you'll need to be a paid, registered attendee of Dreamforce 2013 in order to participate in the hack. Also review the Frequently Asked Questions.


You must build your app using Salesforce Platform, the #1 cloud enterprise platform. With Force.com, Heroku, and ExactTarget, you can build scalable apps to power and automate your business. Additionally, we offer the following developer tools and APIs that you can use in your app:

Salesforce Platform
Mobile Services

  • Mobile SDK for iOS
  • Mobile SDK for Android
  • Mobile Design Templates
  • Mobile Pack for jQuery Mobile
  • Mobile Pack for AngularJS
  • Mobile Pack for Backbone.JS
  • Mobile Pack for Knockout
  • Mobile Pack for Appery.io
  • Mobile Pack for Sencha Touch
  • Mobile Pack for Xamarin
  • Mobile Pack for Codiqa


  • Streaming API
  • Bulk API
  • Chatter REST API
  • Analytics API

Business Logic

  • Apex SOAP API
  • Apex REST API
  • Metadata API
  • Tooling API
  • Language Toolkits

User Interface

  • Canvas SDK
  • Visualforce


  • Platform API
  • Postgres API
  • Helios API

Marketing Cloud

  • ExactTarget API
  • Radian6 API
  • Buddy Media API
  • Pardot API

Service Cloud

  • Open CTI API
  • Live Agent API
  • Console API


  • Desk.com API
  • Data.com API
  • Work.com API
  • GoInstant.com API

Your submitted application cannot have been previously released. You'll need to record a demo video of your working application and include it with your final submission. See the official rules for details.


October 25
  Hackathon team registration begins
November 14
5:00 PM PST Hacker Pass registration closes
November 17
2:00 PM PST Dreamforce conference check-in open
November 18
9:00 AM PST Hack Central Developer Zone opens for hacking!
Check-in at Hack Central for your exclusive schwag. The Developer Zone will be open for the next 57 hours.
November 19
7:00 PM PST Deadline for Participant Check-In
In order to be eligible to win, you must have checked in at Hack Central in the Developer Zone by this point.
7:00 PM PST Team Registration Closes & Teams Lock
In order to be eligible to win, you must be registered for the hackathon at this point.
November 20
6:00 PM PST Hack app submissions are due and Developer Zone closes.
November 21
12:15 PM PST The final five teams will be invited to demo their apps before our panel of celebrity judges.
Each finalist team will get to show off their app and take questions from judges.
2:00 PM PST Winners announced & prizes will be awarded during the Q&A Session with Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO, salesforce.com & Parker Harris, Co-Founder, salesforce.com

What To Bring

  • Laptop
  • Mobile Devices
  • Power Cords
  • Photo ID
  • Competitive Spirit!

What We'll Provide

  • Wi-Fi
  • Assistance from engineers if needed
  • Food, drinks, and a chill space to hack

Judging Criteria

See the official rules for details, but the conditions of winning the hackathon are summarized below. Each application will be evaluated by the Judges based on the following criteria:



  • Is it an amazing new scenario?

Business Value:

  • Does the application create value?
  • Does it save money, create opportunity, connect customers, partners, and employees?

User Experience:

  • Does the app have a user interface that is gorgeous, easy to use, and fast?

Use of Salesforce Platform:

  • Does the application take advantage of the features and capabilities of Salesforce Platform

Teams are allowed to enter only one application. Individuals may join only one team. Salesforce will announce the winning applications at conclusion of final judging, which begins at 3:30 pm PST on November 21, 2013.


Grand Prize:
Second Prize:
Third Prize:
Fourth Prize:
Fifth Prize:

Please see the official rules for details.


Review the Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions send us an email, we are here to help! You can also check out our discussion boards to ask questions about the hackathon or to connect with fellow developers and form a team.