Getting Started with Mobile Services

Connect enterprise data to any mobile app—native, hybrid or HTML5—on any iOS or Android device using the Salesforce Platform Mobile Services. The open source SDKs, toolkits and APIs included in Mobile Services allow developers to securely connect to the Salesforce Platform for their customers' data and leverage device features like the camera, geolocation and more.

Which Platform and Architecture is Right for You?

HTML5 enables you to use web standard technologies like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript while offering broad cross-platform portability. Write once, run anywhere with HTML5.

Choose iOS or Android to take advantage of each platform's native capabilities, including full access to the device hardware and features.

You can also chose a hybrid approach that converts an HTML5 web app into native binaries for iOS and Android. Hybrid apps combine the portability of HTML5 with native device capabilities, like the camera or address book. Click on either iOS or Android to learn more about how to build hybrid apps for that platform.

Refer to this article for a more detailed look at the pros and cons of web, native and hybrid mobile architectures.