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Salesforce1 Mobile App Workbook

Build mobile apps and extend apps to mobile using the Salesforce1 Mobile app. This guide walks through the steps of configuring the Salesforce1 Mobile App, provides a brief tour of features, then walks through the creation of a mobile app that tracks your progress through the learning path laid out in this workbook.

Refactoring for Mobile

While mobile-first focuses your initial design and development efforts on the form, function and user experience of the mobile devices you are targeting, one question remains. How do you adapt the mobile-first strategy to a legacy application?

Enterprise Mobile Patterns

The mobile design patterns described here were assembled based on conversations with hundreds of developers and customers building successful mobile apps, and can be invaluable to anyone wanting to deliver engaging apps connected to customer data.

Native, HTML5, or Hybrid: Understanding Your Mobile Application Development Options

Learn the benefits and drawbacks of HTML5 versus native, and when you should consider a hybrid approach.

Mobile SDK Development Guide, v. 2.1

The Mobile SDK Development Guide is the primary reference for developing apps with the Mobile SDK.

Connected Apps

A "Connected App" is an application that can connect to over Identity and Data APIs using OAuth 2.0 to authenticate, provide Single Sign-On, and acquire access tokens for use with Salesforce APIs.


Webinar: Introduction to the Mobile SDK

The Salesforce Mobile SDK is an open-source suite of familiar technologies you can use to build native, hybrid and HTML5 mobile apps. This webinar introduces the SDK, and shows how to use HTML5 and Visualforce in a hybrid mobile app to access device features like camera and contacts.

Webinar: Building Enterprise Apps Rapidly with Salesforce Mobile Packs

Salesforce Mobile Packs provides a set of templates for writing web and hybrid mobile applications with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS using frameworks like AngularJS, Backbone.js and jQuery Mobile. This webinar explains the differences between the Mobile Packs and shows you how to get started.


Notifications: Mobile Push Notifications Implementation Guide (PDF)
Mobile push notifications allow mobile application developers to easily push notifications to their users’ mobile devices when business events occur in the users’ organizations. This guide has been updated for the upcoming Summer '14 Release.


Mobile SDKs

Mobile Packs

Mobile Design Templates
Quickly build engaging enterprise mobile apps with high-impact visual design templates that utilize mobile-optimized HTML5 and CSS3 to give your customers the best user experience.


Introducing Mobile SDK 2.1

Salesforce announces Salesforce Mobile SDK 2.1 with push notifications, File API support, SmartSync for any REST endpoint, and networking library enhancements.

Extend your Salesforce1 App with Mobile Cards

Mobile cards are an area of the enhanced page layout where you can drag in Visualforce pages or expanded lookups that can be viewed from the Salesforce1 app on the related information page of a record detail view.

Building the Dreamforce Scavenger Hunt Mobile App

Learn about mobile architecture, converting Visualforce apps to hybrid, and geolocation.

Using Apex and SOQL with Geolocation

Use geolocation features to tag, query & manipulate data easily based on location & distance. 

Tom Gersic on the Mobile SDK™s SmartStore

Tom Gersic explains how SmartStore enables offline storage for mobile apps. 

Mobile SDK: Flexible OAuth and iOS Blocks

Learn how to use Oauth and iOS blocks in the Mobile SDK.

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Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Backbone

This article explains how Javascript handles application logic and data binding, then shows how to build a mobile application that pulls down your Chatter feed from using Backbone.js and other JavaScript libraries.

Extending the Warehouse App to Mobile

This article leverages the Warehouse app from the Workbook tutorial, and creates a simple mobile app that will display a list of Merchandise records and allow basic CRUD operations.

Developing Hybrid Apps with the Salesforce Mobile SDK

This article explains how to develop hybrid apps with the Salesforce Mobile SDK, and shows how a hybrid app can access the device camera and upload image data to a Contact in just a few lines of JavaScript.

Developing Mobile Applications That Support Near Field Communication (NFC)

Learn to instantly and effortlessly upload any business card into your Salesforce org as a full blown Contact record using the hybrid Mobile SDK and a near field communications-enabled device.

Speech recognition using Visualforce and the AT&T toolkit

This blog explains how to add speech recognition to an enterprise mobile application built using HTML5/Visualforce and the AT&T Toolkit for Salesforce Platform.

Developing Mobile Applications With And Sencha Touch

This four-part series introduces you to the Sencha Touch mobile framework for building HTML5 applications with JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and how to access data from the Salesforce Platform.

Building PhoneGap Mobile Applications Powered by

Learn how to create mobile applications using PhoneGap and

How to build a mobile app for using jQuery Mobile and push notifications

Build a mobile app for Salesforce Chatter and add push notifications, geolocation, and camera using and the APIs.

Developing Mobile Applications with and Appcelerator Titanium

Use the REST API from within a Titanium application.


Introduction to Visualforce for Mobile Devices

Leverage your Visualforce and HTML skills to create a user experience tailored for mobile phones and tablets. Explore the different user interactions for mobile devices, techniques for optimizing the user experience, and the capabilities of Visualforce that enable great mobile web applications.

Developing Hybrid Apps with the Salesforce Mobile SDK (Dreamforce 2012)

Learn how Salesforce Mobile SDK lets you build dynamic hybrid apps, and how to add features like bar code scanning, picture capture, and secure offline to HTML5 mobile apps.

Developing Offline-Capable Apps with the Salesforce Mobile SDK and SmartStore (Dreamforce 2012)

Discover how to use the Salesforce Mobile SDK SmartStore functionality to add secure device storage for both native and hybrid applications on iOS and Android.

NFC and the Salesforce Mobile SDK (Dreamforce 2012)

Near Field Communication (NFC) enables devices to seamlessly transmit data between one another. Get a complete roadmap for building mobile NFC applications with the Mobile SDK.


Mobile Design Templates
Quickly build engaging enterprise mobile apps with high-impact visual design templates that utilize mobile-optimized HTML5 and CSS3 to give your customers the best user experience.

Mobile Components for Visualforce

Mobile Components for Visualforce is a free, open-source library to simplify the development of mobile apps. The framework contains lightweight Visualforce UI components that generate cross-platform HTML5 output that runs well on smartphones and tablets.


Uploading Photos to Chatter Files with HTML5

Is it possible to use the PhoneGap APIs to capture image data in Salesforce1? No, but you CAN achieve the same end with the HTML5 File API and create a page that will work pretty much anywhere.

Developing Cross-Device HTML5 Apps Using Visualforce

Design and develop device-independent apps.


Salesforce Mobile SDK 2.0

Includes resources for building native iOS apps that connect to

Push Notifications for Salesforce Mobile Apps with Urban Airship

This post shows you how to send push notifications to iOS apps using and Urban Airship.


Introduction to the Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS (Dreamforce 2012)

Get started with the Mobile SDK for iOS, plus learn tips, tricks, and some best practices for developing native iOS applications.

Lessons Learned from Building an Enterprise iOS Application (Dreamforce 2012)

Learn how to integrate custom iOS applications using the Salesforce Mobile SDK (for iOS) and REST-based web services.


API Docs for iOS


Mobile SDK for iOS


Building a Native iOS Photo Sharing App On Salesforce1 mBaaS

Learn how to leverage Salesforce1 mBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) to build a photo sharing app using Salesforce native iOS SDK and filter photos using GPUImage library.


Salesforce Mobile SDK 2.0

Resources for installing the Mobile SDK for Android and creating native Android apps that connect to


Introduction to the Salesforce Mobile SDK for Android (Dreamforce 2012)

Walk through of creating a native Android application using the Salesforce Mobile SDK.


API Java Docs for Android


Mobile SDK for Android