Introducing Mobile Packs

Build Mobile web and hybrid apps using the language
and frameworks you already know and love.

Salesforce Mobile Packs let you build web and hybrid apps that integrate with the Salesforce Platform using industry standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, and popular frameworks like jQuery Mobile, AngularJS and Backbone.js.

Frameworks supported by Mobile Packs

Mobile Pack for ViziApps Mobile Pack for Polymer

Build your Mobile App with a set of new HTML tags that ease the development of salesforce driven user interfaces. It's based on the Google’s Polymer framework and uses Web Components to provide fundamental building blocks for creating an Offline enabled application with Salesforce Mobile SDK.

jQuery Mobile Pack Mobile Pack for jQuery Mobile

Quickly create mobile web and hybrid apps using the Mobile Pack for jQuery Mobile. jQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized web framework that lets you develop mobile web applications using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 for a wide variety of smartphones and tablet computers.

AngularJS Mobile Pack Mobile Pack for AngularJS

Design and build apps that separate UI, logic, and data using Mobile Pack for AngularJS. Google's AngularJS lets you reap the benefits of a Model-View-Control architecture in your JavaScript code and utilize advanced features like reusable components and dependency injection.

Backbone.js Mobile Pack Mobile Pack for Backbone.JS

Add structure to your mobile web and hybrid applications with Mobile Pack for Backbone.js. Backbone.js is a JavaScript framework that provides models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich API of enumerable functions, and views with declarative event handling.

Knockout Mobile Pack Mobile Pack for Knockout

Get Mobile Pack for Knockout and create mobile apps with responsive design that updates dynamically. Knockout adds dependency tracking that refreshes your UI whenever your data changes, and lets you create new resusable custom behaviors. Mobile Pack Mobile Pack for

Accelerate cross-platform app development when connecting to the Salesforce Platform using the Mobile Pack for Build apps using a cloud-based, visual drag and drop editor and easily connect to any Salesforce APIs. Includes Contacts and OAuth sample apps that you can reuse.

Mobile Pack for Sencha Mobile Pack for Sencha Touch

Use Mobile Pack for Sencha to quickly build cross-platform mobile apps that connect to the most trusted cloud platform. Leverage HTML5 components with built-in state management and fluid animations to display customer data in visually dynamic ways.

Xamarin Mobile Pack Mobile Pack for Xamarin

Build sophisticated cross-platform apps that access Salesforce Platform data using Mobile Pack for Xamarin and C#. Leverage Salesforce Platform features like security and identity, and use declarative bindings to invoke third-party Java, Objective-C and C++ libraries or call them directly from C#.

Codiqa Mobile Pack Mobile Pack for Codiqa

Rapidly prototype mobile apps that connect to Salesforce using pure HTML5 components and Mobile Pack for Codiqa. Leverage open-source HTML5 components to go from idea to deployment and use Salesforce Mobile Services to securely connect to trusted cloud data.

Appcelerator Mobile Pack for Appcelerator

Mobilize your Salesforce data and build native, cross-platform apps from a single JavaScript codebase with the Mobile Pack for Appcelerator®. With an Eclipse-based IDE and MVC framework, developers can build reusable components to deliver highly effective apps leveraging their Salesforce platform.

Mobile Pack for ViziApps Mobile Pack for VizApps

Create mobile apps with device feature-driven workflow using your standard or custom objects with Mobile Pack for ViziApps. Combine flexible UX design with Salesforce data into your app’s workflow without coding, then publish to the Apple App Store, Google Play, or directly to your enterprise users.