• Contactivity for Salesforce

      Submitted by: Erik Solis

      Contactivity for Salesforce is the easiest way to manage your Contacts and Activities in one same place. Features include:
      - Easily and faster, create events in your iPhone/iPod, they will be uploaded to your Salesforce.com ORG.
      - After your call decide with a single click if you want to log this in the activity history of leads, opportunities and contacts.
      - Send emails from your iPhone/iPod and log them in the activity history.
      - FaceTime and Skype functionality so you can keep track of every call and never miss logging them.
      - One click access your complete ORG.
      - On the go, share your dashboards screenshots or any attached file.
      - With Contactivity for Salesforce manage your iPhone/iPod Address Book and Salesforce Contacts in one same place with great functionalities to increase Productivity.
      - Manage multi-currency opportunities.
      - One click access to chatter.
      - No information is stored in the device to enhance data security.
      - Full functionality for Salesforce.com licenses that supports API calls.

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