• Noteprise

      Submitted by: Gaurav Kheterpal

      Noteprise is an enterprise mobile connector between Salesforce and Evernote employing the Force.com Mobile SDK, authenticating the user using oAuth. Next, Noteprise authenticates your Evernote credentials using the Evernote Cloud API and their Android SDK. Once you’re logged in to Noteprise, it shows you a list of all your Evernote notes grouped by notebook.

      The USP of Noteprise is that it lets you select any object and any field in that object where you can push all your Evernote notes. For example, let me choose the Contact object and the Contact description field. You can view a note simply by clicking on it in the list, then select a Salesforce record to push the note to that object -- you can even create new notes within Noteprise. Choose which notebook you want to create the note in, the title of the note and the note text, Noteprise creates the note in your account for you. You can search notes by Notebook, Tag or Keyword. You can also delete any notes from your Evernote account directly from Noteprise with a couple of clicks. Additionally, Noteprise let you associate an Evernote note with multiple Salesforce records.

      The Noteprise Android app is open source on github and we encourage fellow Salesforce developers to connect with us and help us improve it.