Joshua Birk

Joshua Birk

Developer Evangelist


Ami Assayag

Ami Assayag

CRM Science

Kirk Steffke

Kirk Steffke

CRM Science


Part of what truly makes a platform is an ability to integrate with third party devices, servers and software. Join Ami Assayag and Kirk Steffke from CRM Science and Developer Evangelist Josh Birk as they breakdown examples of using Apex for integration solutions. Apex has robust methods for handling both inbound requests into Salesforce and outbound calls into third party systems. This webinar will break down how Apex can be used in these cases as well as how to test the code once it is up and running.

Key Takeaways

  • How Apex fits into an integration solution

  • Using Apex to create custom endpoints

  • Handling outbound calls with Apex

  • How to achieve test coverage with mock interfaces

Intended Audience

Developers with Apex experience looking to integrate with either existing API’s or expanding the functionality of Salesforce API’s.

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Recorded : March 15, 2016