Skip Sauls

Skip Sauls

Senior Director, Product Management, Einstein Analytics


Nisha Baxi

Nisha Baxi

Director, Developer Marketing



Einstein Analytics is the Salesforce-native analytics platform, providing users with insights into their business. This session dives into topics including APIs, metadata, packaging, and other development tools. Whether you’re just getting started or have already been working with Einstein Analytics, join and learn how to best use this analytics suite to build the customer apps people love.

In this exclusive webinar, you'll learn about

  • Building custom apps with open APIs
  • Integrating with Lightning, Visualforce, and more with the SDK
  • Accessing and displaying real-time data with Apex
  • Delivering custom apps using App Templates

Intended Audience

  • This webinar is for developers who want to learn how to create and extend Einstein Analytics apps using Salesforce-standard features and technologies


Recorded : March 15, 2018

Table of Contents

01:27 - We will support Visualforce for the long term
02:23 - Do you really need the Visualforce page?
05:27 - Goodbye, Visualforce
06:03 - Moving Visualforce to Lightning Experience
07:57 - Going the other way
08:06 - Lightning Components inside Visualforce
08:30 - Demo