Kartik Viswanadha

Kartik Viswanadha

Salesforce MVP, Director of Innovation

NeuraFlash LLC

David Green

David Green

Director, Product Management



Do you want to create communities to help your organization provide stellar customer service, connect your customers together or increase employee productivity? 
Learn how you can customize Salesforce Community Cloud to fit your needs with the Lightning Bolt framework, Lightning Components and Community Builder.


In this exclusive webinar, you'll learn about

  • Building your own custom Lightning Community, or extending an out-of-the-box Lightning Bolt Solution.
  • Quickly developing new communities using themes, layouts, branding, custom page layouts and other new features.
  • Best practices for building Lightning Components, how to write & re-use markup, JavaScript, CSS, and Apex code.
  • How to get started with Lightning Bolt - the fastest way to develop, package and distribute tailored Communities.

Intended Audience

  • Intermediate, Advanced
  • Salesforce developers & partners wanting to learn more about Lightning Components and Lightning Bolt for Communities
Required Experience
  • Community Basics
  • Community Rollout Strategy
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Recorded : May 16, 2017

Table of Contents

01:36 - Agenda
02:27 - The Evolution of Community Cloud
02:36 - Communities Connect Your Ecosystem
04:52 - The Evolution of Lightning Communities
07:47 - Built on the Intelligent Customer Success Platform
10:03 - Lightning Community Templates
10:33 - What is a Lightning Community Template?
12:07 - Themes
13:11 - Custom Theme Layout
13:21 - Demo
43:50 - Trailhead Community Badge
45:24 - Q&A