Dave Carroll

Dave Carroll

Senior Director, Product Management


Mike Gerholdt

Mike Gerholdt

Admin Evangelist


LeeAnne Templeman

LeeAnne Templeman

Senior Admin Evangelist



Grab a cup of cocoa and join us to learn more about the exciting new features in Winter ‘16 for Admins and Developers. We’ll dive into the gems in the release that will help Admins be productive and make life easier. We’ll also cover the exciting new features for Developers including CRUD functionality for external objects, the new Apex Debugger and Lighting Components for the desktop, Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover how to enhance and streamline integration with your external data using writable external objects
  • Learn about new features to simplify custom object management
  • Utilize the new Apex Debugger to root out bugs faster than ever
  • Best practice for rolling out Lightning as an Admin

Intended Audience

This session is geared towards existing Salesforce developers and admins that want to learn about the latest features and technologies in the Winter ‘16 release.

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Recorded : October 13, 2015
4:20 Agenda
5:13 Stay-up-to-date with Release Information
6:23 DEMO Lightning Experience
22:22 New Developer Tools and Features
28:15 Lightning Components (Generally Available)
30:25 DEMO CRUD External Objects
35:25 DEMO Apex Debugger
40:48 Winter ‘16 for Admins
41:41 Improved Setup User Interface
42:38 Create More Roll-up Summary Fields per Object
43:25 Enjoy a More Intuitive Picklist Replace Process
45:15 Guide Your Business on the Journey
46:35 New Trails and Badges Specifically for Admins
44:31 Lightning Trails & Badges for Admins and Users
48:21 New Trails and Badges Specifically for Developers
49:15 Trailhead Projects
51:13 Engage with Your Users
53:42 The Road to Lightning Experience
55:30 Q&A