Kartik Viswanadha

Kartik Viswanadha

Salesforce MVP, Director of Innovation

NeuraFlash LLC


“JavaScript allows Visualforce to be the Interface that you need”

This session will cover various approaches for using JavaScript in Visualforce pages, allowing developers to bring the two worlds together. We will also cover the concept of Inversion of Control to dynamically generate Visualforce components using object configurations that allow admins to easily assemble the pages from the library of existing components without writing single line of code.

What you will learn

  • Create custom user interfaces on Force.com using Visualforce and JavaScript
  • Build lean and fast pages for web and mobile devices with high user adoption
  • Improve performance and simplify your architecture with JavaScript Remoting and Remote Objects
  • How to use Apex to dynamically build Visualforce components

Intended Audience

This session is for experienced developers who are familiar with Visualforce, Apex Programming and who have basic understanding of HTML & JavaScript.

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Recorded : July 30, 2015