David Liu

David Liu

Salesforce MVP,Technical Architect


LeeAnne Templeman

LeeAnne Templeman

Senior Admin Evangelist



In this webinar we will introduce you to Apex, and then walk you through the process of writing and deploying a basic trigger in your development environment.

This series serves as an Introduction to Apex for Salesforce Administrators with no programming background. This is the first in a 3-part series with David Liu and LeeAnne Templeman. David Liu is the creator of sfdc99.com, an intro to Apex exercise guide for all Salesforce Admins. David is a self-taught Salesforce MVP who began his path as a marketer and is now the Salesforce Technical Architect for Google. He will share some of his own learning path, as well as tips and tricks on how to become a Salesforce developer.


Key Takeaways

  • See how quickly you can pick up the Force.com programming language and build triggers on your own!
  • Learn what a test class is, and how to write, modify and deploy a basic trigger
  • Understand when to use Apex and when to use core Salesforce tools like workflows and approvals
  • Expand the automation capabilities in your Salesforce environment to increase adoption and data quality
  • Understand core terms and development processes


Intended Audience

  • Salesforce Admins with experience developing point-and-click applications on the Force.com platform.

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Recorded : May 15, 2014