Arabella David

Arabella David

Senior Director, Developer Marketing


Kamyar Seradjfar

Kamyar Seradjfar

Senior Director, Product Management



Want to build custom apps with the same User Interface API that Salesforce uses to build Lightning Experience and the mySalesforce mobile app? This webinar explores how the UI API works. Join and learn how to create native mobile and web apps with your own branding and look-and-feel that respond to metadata changes in Salesforce.


In this exclusive webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Get started with the User Interface API
  • Quickly build external apps using Salesforce data and UIs
  • Discover upcoming features and endpoints

Intended Audience

  • Intermediate, Advanced


Recorded : December 5, 2017

Table of Contents

05:26 - Lightning Platform and advent of UI API
09:24 - Benefits of the UI API
11:22 - Demo
22:55 - Uses of API
36:52 - Demo
41:31 - Q&A