Arabella David

Arabella David

Senior Director, Developer Marketing


Marcus Torres

Marcus Torres

Sr. Director, Product - Lightning



Base Lightning Components are out-of-the-box solutions for common user interface needs. Developers can use them to quickly build and deliver the Lightning Experience to their admins and users without starting from scratch every time. This session dives into details of how they work, and how you can use them to quickly get apps up and running.


In this exclusive webinar, you'll learn about

  • How Lightning components work and how to build them
  • Component architecture and composition
  • How to extend custom components to non-developers

Intended Audience

  • Intermediate Developers & Power Admins
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Recorded : September 19, 2017

Table of Contents

02:12 - Agenda
03:05 - Salesforce Platform for Sales, Service, Communities and Force
04:23 - What is the Application layer?
04:43 - Components are the building blocks of all Lightning UI
07:22 - Lightning pages are made of experience components
07:53 - Lightning Experience is made up of Lightning Pages
08:59 - App Builder to Drag & Drop Components
10:57 - Component Development
11:10 - Component Bundle
14:52 - Lightning Design System
17:11 - Development Tools
17:42 - Demo
35:17 - Component Roadmap