Doug Merrett

Doug Merrett

Solution Architect


Can you load 20 million records into Salesforce in under an hour? If not, this webinar is for you.

You want to load tons of data into Salesforce. No problem, right? Just use the Bulk API and turn on parallel loading. Think again. Unless you carefully plan the big data loads that you want to break up into parallel operations to achieve maximum throughput, those loads can turn out more like slow, serial loads.

In this webinar, Doug will teach you how to realize awesome throughput in your parallel data loads on the Salesforce1 Platform. After learning from the webinar's demos and code samples, you'll be able to apply your new deep knowledge of platform internals to measure load performance, recognize problems that slow your loads down, and work around these roadblocks.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn what parallelism is and how significant optimizing it is for performance
  • Learn how to architect an integration or load tool to optimize parallelism, and obtain the maximum possible throughput
  • Learn how to manage locks to avoid lock exceptions that can significantly reduce the throughput in your loads and integrations

Intended Audience

  • Salesforce architects or Force.com developers with a working understanding of data loading and integration concepts. A high-level understanding of the Bulk API and Java is also useful.


Recorded : June 10, 2014