Kimberly Wallins Friedman

Kimberly Wallins Friedman

Founder and CEO

Hire On-Demand

David Liu

David Liu

Salesforce MVP,Technical Architect


Mike Fullmore

Mike Fullmore

Director of Product Development



The market is booming for all levels of developers - junior and skilled - and demand for Force.com developers in particular is through the roof. Learn why demand is surging, how developers have found their nirvana in Force.com, and how you can be in control of your personal Force.com destiny. Kimberly Wallins Friedman, Founder and CEO of Hire On-Demand, a specialty recruiting firm exclusive to Salesforce careers, will host our upcoming webinar and will have 2 special guest speakers, David Liu and Mike Fullmore, who will share first-hand reasons why this is a pinnacle time to join this groundbreaking technology platform.


Key Takeaways

  • Understand how you can acquire the skills to move to the next stage in your career.
  • Learn how to demonstrate your Force.com skills to potential employers and distinguish yourself from the crowd.
  • Navigate the path to a new or elevated career in the constantly growing developer world.

Intended Audience

  • This session is intended for those considering a Force.com career, as well as for experienced Force.com developers looking to take their career to the next level.

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Recorded : January 29, 2015