Kanan Garg

Kanan Garg

Product Manager



Join us and understand how Lightning Snap-ins enable you to deliver immediate, personalized, and contextual support on any device to your customers. We’ll discuss when to use Snap-ins, how to differentiate your app experience with embedded support, and how to implement Snap-ins Chat into your website and Community templates. 

In this exclusive webinar, you'll learn about

  • What Snap-ins are and how to use them 
  • Core service channels embedded in Snap-ins
  • How to setup and deploy Web Snap-ins
  • What’s next in the Snap-ins roadmap

Intended Audience

Salesforce Developers, Solution Engineers and CSG

Required experience:

  • Basic knowledge about Service Cloud
  • Live Agent
Recommended Experience:
Customer Experience and why it’s important


Recorded : July 13, 2017

Table of Contents

03:21 - Agenda
03:57 - Customer Expectations Continue to Rise Faster Than Ever
05:33 - Deliver Personalized Service with Snap-ins
08:05 - 3 Steps to Customer Success with Snap-ins
08:19 - Simple, Declarative Setup
08:32 - Branding System
08:59 - Deploying Is A Snap
09:31 - What Service Cloud Features Can You Embed with Snap-ins?
12:07 - Demo
28:43 - Communities
28:49 - Roadmap
31:08 - Q&A
36:16 - Next Steps