Dave Carroll

Dave Carroll

Sr. Dir. Developer Evangelism


 Richard diZerega

Richard diZerega

Software Development Engineer



1.2+ billion users around the world choose Microsoft Office as their primary tool for productivity. Integrating Salesforce and Office can drive unparalleled experiences for information workers. This webinar will explore Salesforce integration with Microsoft Office using Office Add-ins. Learn about what's new with Office Add-ins, the Office add-ins Salesforce offers, and how to build your own Office Add-ins that integrate with Salesforce.

You might be surprised to learn that Office Add-ins can be developed with ANY web technology and be hosted anywhere in the world. So bring your web developer hat and learn how you can maximize your Salesforce and Office investments with Office Add-ins.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover how the Office Add-in architecture has changed to benefit web developers

  • Learn about Salesforce Office Add-ins available through the Office marketplace and how they can deliver a great user experience in Office

  • Explore key aspects of building custom Office Add-ins that run any device Office runs

  • Uncover important resources for extending and integrating Force.com and the Office platform  

Intended Audience

This session is geared towards existing Salesforce and Microsoft developers that want to learn how to apply their web development skills to integrate Salesforce into Office through add-ins.

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Recorded : February 16, 2016