Greg Rewis

Greg Rewis

Principal Developer Evangelist



So you have made the decision to move to Lightning, but what does that mean for your Visualforce pages? Join us to find out what works and what doesn’t, strategies for the things you might need to fix, and finally, how to update your pages with the Salesforce Lightning Design System, and much more.


In this exclusive webinar, you'll learn about

  • Using Visualforce in Lightning Experience
  • Alternatives to Javascript buttons
  • Styling Visualforce with the Lightning Design System
  • Using Lightning Components in Visualforce

Intended Audience

  • Intermediate developers


Recorded : May 25, 2017

Table of Contents

01:27 - We will support Visualforce for the long term
02:23 - Do you really need the Visualforce page?
05:27 - Goodbye, Visualforce
06:03 - Moving Visualforce to Lightning Experience
07:57 - Going the other way
08:06 - Lightning Components inside Visualforce
08:30 - Demo