Akhilesh Gupta

Akhilesh Gupta

Product Manager, Mobile SDK,



The latest Salesforce Mobile SDK 3.2 release provides developers with tools and capabilities for building compelling mobile apps powered by customer data in Salesforce. These mobile apps allow customers to build a stronger relationship with a business, and enables employees to be more effective.

Join us to learn how Mobile SDK combined with Salesforce Platform makes mobile app development a breeze. Experience various advanced features such as secure offline storage & data sync, push notifications, etc., which allow developers to unlock the full potential of customer data and the mobile devices.


What you will learn:

  • Mobile technology landscape and available options
  • Features of Mobile SDK (Authentication & Security, REST API wrappers, encrypted offline store, Data sync)
  • Platform features (Push notifications, user management, communities)
  • How to get started (iOS, Android, Windows and Hybrid apps)
Intended audience

Developers with good understanding of Salesforce Platform. Mobile development experience not required.



Recorded : June 24, 2015