Peter Chittum

Peter Chittum

Director of Developer Evangelism, EMEA



The Salesforce object model and the SOQL query language form the foundation of working with Salesforce data. While most developers are SQL-literate, there are small but important distinctions between SOQL and SQL. In this webinar, developers new to Salesforce will come to understand these differences, jumpstarting their Salesforce developer success.

In this exclusive webinar, you'll learn about

  • The Salesforce Multitenant Architecture.
  • How data is structured, and how to create SObjects, fields and relationships.
  • The Developer Console and Workbench, the primary tools for prototyping SOQL queries.
  • Relationship queries, aggregate queries, and other common query types in SOQL.

Intended Audience

  • Beginner to intermediate developers
  • Some experience with SQL is helpful
  • Anyone working with data management and ETL
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Recorded : April 25, 2017

Table of Contents

03:50 - Data Model and the Force.com Platform
04:27 - SObjects Drive Customization
06:56 - Standard Data Model
09:40 - Relationships: The Predefined Join
11:13 - Relationship Types
15:12 - Demo: Dreamhouse App
19:31 - SOQL
20:46 - From SQL to SOQL
21:23 - From SQL to SOQL: The Familiar Bits
22:46 - From SQL to SOQL: Immediate Differences
24:58 - From SQL to SOQL: Differences to Learn
26:35 - The __c and __r Suffixes
28:41 - Relationship Query: Child to Parent
30:39 - Relationship Query: Parent to Child
31:52 - Querying for Intersection
32:57 - Aggregate Queries
33:34 - Demo
38:59 - Recap
41:13 - Concepts to Explore Further
42:09 - Read More
44:03 - Q&A