Peter Chittum

Peter Chittum

Developer Evangelist


Assaf Ben-Gur

Assaf Ben-Gur

Senior Product Manager, Platform Encryption, Salesforce



Salesforce has led the industry with trust and security on our cloud platform. A new feature for Summer ‘15, Platform Encryption is now generally available* as part of Salesforce Shield. Use Platform Encryption so your company can confidently prove compliance with privacy policies, regulatory requirements, and contractual obligations for handling private data.


Platform Encryption helps address some concerns about protecting confidential information. It prevents sensitive data from residing in clear, decipherable form and allows you to manage your tenant secrets, which are used to derive the keys that protect your data. Salesforce is committed to high security standards and offers multiple data encryption options. Customers who want to adopt or extend their use of Salesforce can consider using Platform Encryption to comply with various standards.


*Note Platform Encryption and Salesforce Shield require additional licenses.


What you will learn:

  • Understand core concepts around the Salesforce Shield encryption as a service feature

  • Hear how you can enable and manage Salesforce Shield for end users

  • Learn to rotate and manage your key

  • See use of Salesforce Shield with Search, Reports, and SOQL

  • Gain API Access to Platform Encryption Features

Intended audience: Developers, Administrators, Implementers

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Recorded : July 7, 2015