Richard Seroter

Richard Seroter

Microsoft MVP, Head of Product Management

CenturyLink Cloud


The Salesforce1 Platform was built with an API-first approach that allows developers to build amazing customer centric applications. To simplify this process for Microsoft .NET developers, we have built a set of toolkits that provide native libraries for the Salesforce1 APIs.

Join Wade Wegner, Senior Director of Platform Architecture for salesforce.com, as he explains why these toolkits were built, how they were built, and how to build applications with them. In this talk you'll learn about Dev/CI environments, NuGet packaging, targeting multiple platforms using the Portable Class Libraries, the Async and Await asynchronous design pattern, and much more. This talk is heavy in code and examples, so come on in and join us!

Key Takeaways

  • Salesforce1 was built following an API first approach which enables 3rd party developers to build amazing customer centric applications.
  • The Salesforce Toolkits for .NET provide native libraries that greatly simplifies the integration of the Salesforce1 Platform into .NET applications.
  • You’ll learn how to get starting building Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and other .NET applications that interact directly with the Salesforce1 APIs.

Intended Audience

  • Developers and architects

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Recorded : April 16, 2014