Christophe Coenraets

Christophe Coenraets

Senior Director, Alliances - Technical Evangelist


Amir Shevat

Amir Shevat

Director of Developer Relations



Slack is a team collaboration application that has recently gained a significant amount of momentum. Slack provides a simple and powerful way to integrate with external applications.

In this webinar you’ll learn what’s new in Slack and ways to integrate Salesforce and Slack. You’ll learn how Salesforce can automatically post messages to Slack channels when specific events happen (opportunity status changed, case created, etc.). You’ll learn how to query or update information in Salesforce without leaving the Slack user interface. And finally, you’ll learn how to create bots that monitor Slack conversations and automatically respond by pulling information from Salesforce or by creating records in Salesforce.

Key Takeaways

  • Creating bots that automatically monitor and respond to Slack conversations
  • Querying or updating information without leaving Slack
  • Automatically posting messages when specific events occur

Intended Audience

This session is for seasoned Salesforce Developers and Advanced Salesforce Administrators who are familiar with Salesforce App Cloud and Slack Programming.



Recorded : May 12, 2016
Table of Contents:

00:11 - Introductions
00:36 - Forward Looking Statement
01:49 - Agenda
02:15 - Slack Overview
02:56 - Slack Mission
03:24 - What you can do with Slack
04:08 - API Features
05:13 - Integration with Envoy
05:40 - Notifications
07:31 - Slash Command
10:51 - Bots
12:22 - Botkit
14:29 - Slack App Directory
16:30 - Customer Lifecycle
18:15 - Publish Salesforce events to Slack
24:24 - Work with Salesforce from Slack
33:03 - Using Natural Language
43:46 - Summary
45:36 - Q&A
58:17 - Thanks