Greg Rewis

Greg Rewis

Principal Developer Evangelist


Arabella David

Arabella David

Senior Director, Developer Marketing



With every new release, we open up new possibilities for Salesforce development. In this webinar, we'll discuss the recent Summer '17 release, the upcoming Winter '18 release, and what it means for your orgs. We'll fire up the Developer Console, and dive into topics including The Salesforce Lightning Design System, Lightning Data Service and standard overrides. As we love to live dangerously, we'll even do some live coding!


In this exclusive webinar, you'll learn about

  • Lightning Components
  • Lightning Data Service
  • Standard Action Overrides with Lightning Components

Intended Audience

  • Intermediate
Required Experience
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Recorded : August 29, 2017

Table of Contents

03:33 - Agenda
04:50 - Lightning Data Service
08:57 - Implementing Lightning Data Service
17:38 - Standard Action Overrides
18:32 - Getting Ready for Winter '18
23:19 - Base Lightning Components
25:36 - Demo